Director Ahmed Mansur Preparing for Ramadan 2024 Drama with a New Series

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Ahmed Mansur stated that he is preparing for the next Ramadan TV project, incorporate with Dubai Studio city to produce and filming new drama series for Ramadan 2024, where the writers and production managers are working on a distinctive and different scenario for this season that simulates the efforts provided by the first line of defense in the Gulf countries (Medical personnel) to counter the Coronavirus pandemic, the main roles. In this series, will be paly by a group of acting stars, and filming will take place at the beginning of January 2024, so that the series will be shown in Ramadan 2024. 

This project is the sixth of its kind in drama series that he was involved in as producer and production part through his own company NME MEDIA in the production processes of several TV series which is all for Ramadan seasons such as  (Selfie, three seasons),(Wi-Fi), and the series (HyperLoop) which was shown in Ramadan for the previous seasons on MBC TV.

A director is a standard in the price of a military of traitors like every showman. A target market will love you, chuckle with you and wait out of your degree door whilst you are warm and on a roll, however no target market is ever definitely friendly. Not for long. Bore ’em or disappoint ’em – even as soon as – and they will switch on you and tear you to pieces, irrespective of who you’re or would possibly as soon as have been. 

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If you observed that you may cover what your pastimes are, what your prurient pastimes are, what your noble pastimes are, what your fascinations are in case you suppose you may cover that during your paintings as a movie director, you are nuts. In this collection, might be paly through a collection of appearing stars filming will take vicinity at the start of January 2024, in order that the collection might be proven in Ramadan 2024. This undertaking is the 6th of its type in drama collection that director Ahmed Mansur has concerned about as a manufacturer that is inquisitive about Ramadan seasons. Where he participated, thru his very own company, NME Media with inside the manufacturing techniques of numerous collections.

Ahmed Mansur is a famous director and producer who produced many films. Director Ahmed Mansur released a movie title “Corona2020” he defined that the movie sheds mild at the fast activities withinside the Arab area due to the fact that the start of the pandemic and the ensuing alternate in social and paintings life, in addition to task losses and the struggling of bad families. Mr. Ahmed Mansur additionally stated that the movie explains the monetary issues confronted through one-of-a-kind nations because of Coronavirus.

He also produced a brand new movie in order to be launched in 2024. It is a sort of short movie. The movie title “I loved him, but” a brand new quick film via way of means of the movie director and manufacturer Ahmed Mansur

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He said that “acting is still my passion as much because it did in excessive school. Plus, I can now indulge my hobbies as a manufacturer as well. My paintings are extra a laugh than a laugh but, exceptional of all, it is nonetheless very scary. You are constantly strolling a few sorts of excessive wire.”

As a manufacturer, as a CEO of Heartbeat Productions, I am making offers to place my organization in location to win, to place my personnel to paintings in order that even as all these things go on, they may be withinside the kitchen cooking. So it is expertise in the sturdiness of the enjoyment business; you get out of it what you positioned into it.

He stated that he’s presently running in Dubai writing a script for a film entitled “I Loved him, But” that tells the actual love tale for a pair from exclusive nations north Europe and the center east and approximately predominant dramatic activities approximately this relationship, that has now no longer been a hit for numerous motives after 12 months of attempts. He additionally stated that it’s miles a completely unique love tale that incorporates emotions, love, sadness, and feeling of romance.

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At the last Director, he said that “As a director, what topics are the way you penetrate the soul of the character in the front of the digital digicam and permit the actor to blur the limits among the individual and the character themselves? In order to attain that, I attempt to make human beings experience at ease, to bear in mind of problems, and be skinless and supply the entirety to the digital digicam.

In my profession as a director, there have continually been a few factors in which you get midway thru it or three-quarters, and also you pass: ‘What is that issue all approximately, and why am I telling the story? Does everybody honestly care approximately seeing this?’ At that point, you need to say: OK, overlook that, and simply pass ahead.”

Director Ahmed Mansur said that “The humorous component approximately directing is which you have your personal critiques, however, it is a collaboration. Directing is a collective effort. Even eleven though you would possibly assume something works, the best component you may do as a director is to try to weigh the critiques of the humans around you.

I’m looking to paint the best with established, reputable directors. I took a number of horrific scripts and labored for a number of lazy directors, and it changed into discouraging to visit the screenings and notice that the director had introduced not anything, the editor had introduced not anything, there has been not anything to see”