Jewish Charms and Pendants – Meanings

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The Jewish culture is one of the most unique cultures that we know of, and it has some of the most interesting and heart-warming traditions out of all the others, which is why today we decided to talk some more about it.

Every country has different traditions, rituals, and ceremonies that keep the culture alive and intrigue many tourists to come and visit.

Even if you are not a person who believes in supernatural stuff, some of the things that we are going to talk about in this article will probably come very interesting to you, or even amaze you, so why not stick around with us until the very end?

Today we’re talking about Jewish Charms, Pendants and all of their special meanings. Whenever you visit Israel, you will find a lot of souvenir shops, and most of them will be full of these things, so it is quite nice to learn some more about them beforehand so that you can be exactly sure what you’re purchasing. Here’s what you need to know.

Why Charms and Pendants?

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We all know that charms and pendants exist for many, many years, and people are using them for different purposes, usually to get some sort of luck in a certain area of life. It’s not too rare to find someone who likes wearing them just for the looks, or because they are an interesting thing to wear in general, but mostly it’s because the wearer believes in the superpowers of the charm.

Some of these are connected with religion, others aren’t, but at the end of the day, pendants are something that can make for an amazing gift.

How to Choose One

Most of the time, these things are purchased as a gift, and although you cannot go wrong with your choice, you should always research the meaning behind it before you choose it for a friend or a family member.

Some pendants, such as the Hamsa Pendants from Jewish.Shop, have a very special and clear meaning, so they are always a best-seller when it comes to gifts of this type. The same goes for the Star of David necklaces and charms, but both of them have a different meaning and a very rich history behind them. You can see more here.

It is very well-known already that in the Jewish tradition, people wear these accessories because of their symbolic meanings, so as long as the pendant has the required design, it doesn’t matter from what kind of material it is made.

The Different Meanings

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Every amulet is an accessory that Jewish people appreciate, and wearing these things is very common in their culture. It might be a bit contrary to what you know about their tradition, the belief that only God has the power, but amulets go far back into the Jewish practices that even the Rabbis have accepted their use, and some of them even believe in their power.

Now, you should know that ever amulet in every culture has a different meaning, even if it is the same piece, so don’t argue when someone tells you that what you purchased has a completely different purpose, even if you’ve been told at the shop something opposite.

In general, they are used for different sorts of protection, because they are believed to have hidden powers that can help you improve your quality of life. In cultures where people believe in demons and other spirits that can harm you, they are mostly used for protection, but some types are used for luck, better sleep, wealth and numerous other things.

The Hamsa and the Star of David are already very popular and you can read all about their rich history on the internet if you haven’t already. In a Jewish souvenir shop, most of the pendants that you’ll find will be of this type.

What Can I Pick as a Gift?

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There are two different ways of choosing the best pendant that you’ll gift to someone you care about. The first way is to decide on your own what the best decision could be. You can do it like this.

Think of the person that you’re purchasing the charm for, and think some more about their life and how they are. Are they often insecure, shy or afraid of something? If so, you can buy a protective pendant, something that will make them feel safer and more confident in person.

Are they currently struggling with their finances and just have a difficult time building a proper economy? Buy them an amulet that brings luck with wealth and other materialistic belongings.

If the person is often disturbed or irritated by something, maybe they are secretly battling some sort of a spirit that’s constantly putting pressure on their life. Choosing an amulet that is known for the ability to repel these spirits is a good idea in this situation.

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The second way is to talk to the person working at the souvenir store, and carefully describe them the picture that you just formed in your mind of the person that you’re purchasing the gift for. Most of the people working in the shops will know exactly what you need, and they will be more than glad to explain why so that you can answer in case the gift-receiver asks you.

Some amulets are believed to have healing powers, and this is one of the main reasons why people are purchasing them, so you will probably be asked for something like this by the shopkeeper when you’ll go buying a pendant.

It’s okay if you do not believe in these things, but some people do, and the placebo effect is more than enough to cause a positive impact in their lives, so don’t hesitate to pick one up for either yourself or a person you care about.

Are They Accepted in the Jewish Culture?

Some rabbis are known to accept the wear and use of amulets, but some are really against it. However, this doesn’t mean that a person is not allowed to wear a pendant of their choice, quite the opposite actually, because they are very popular in places such as Israel.