Joji Net Worth 2024

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The Internet has been a place of some mind-boggling creations, however, it’s also sometimes used by people who just want to entertain you. Bringing smile to people’s faces is exactly what Joji has done with his hilarious acts on YouTube.

Joji, who you might recognize as Filthy Frank, has been a one stop destination for unlimited laughter for a long time. Keep reading this article till the end to know more about his life, career, family, and net worth.

About Joji


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George Kusunoki Miller, better known as Joji is primarily a musician, hailing from Japan. He picked Joji as his stage name due to the simplicity of the two syllable expression. That however doesn’t stop people from making up new names like Filthy Frank which are almost as popular as his real one.

His presence on YouTube is marked by as many weird things as you can imagine. He’s played a ukulele, he’s made a fool of himself on Omegle, he raps, and much much more. The only constant is his content being bizarre and hilarious.

The shenanigans did eventually stop as he abandoned his comedic career to find bigger and better things. He now strives to perfect the art of his true passion, music.

Early Life & Family


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Joji was born as George Kusunoki Miller was born on 18 September 1992 in a traditional Japanese family. The household had just made its way from Osaka to the US, It meant Joji doesn’t really have much of an experience in Japan.

George did his initial academic ranks at the Canadian Academy. He then moved on to the New York Institute of Technology for his graduation. As a content creator on YouTube, viewers were quick to start referring to him as Filthy Frank after a video he made about diarrhea.

It wasn’t all fun and games for Joji as he received tons of abuse and trolling on opening a channel dedicated to music. This channel “DizastaMusic” wasn’t a success but made his intentions clear and kept spirits high.

Joji’s Career and Major Milestones


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With a growing career in slapstick comedy, George came close to abandoning his music. However, he integrated his talents and created the character of Pink Guy who sang original hip-hop songs. The success for this new character made him revive his passion of creating music. Following this change, Joji had a new dream in his mind.

Popular character Pink guy originates from a like-named music album from 2017. He exhibited the album the same year and that is when the new pseudonym was born.

In 2018, Joji launched Ballads1 which hit Number 1 in the US R&B charts and finished at 3rd on the Billboards. Following this, we recently got an album called “Nectar” in 2024.

A Few Things People Might Not Know About Joji:

Joji is Daring

While people think of content creation as fun and easy, it’s an extreme pressure to perform. He took daring decisions who gambled with ideas and risked damagest to his brand. To stick out of a crowd of creators, it is important to be that exciting and different.
Joji is a Fun-Loving Guy

Joji’s career has taken a bit of a serious turn after leaving the usual channel uploads, however, he’s still that funny guy. He’s only taken a sabbatical and not a retirement from comedic content. The objective is to still keep entertaining his followers and people, be it from comedy or music.

Net Worth

Joji has made himself a big deal, solely based on great planning, talent and perfect execution. George’s net worth is estimated to be over $10 million USD. Most of this can be attributed to his online presence, whether it be multiple YouTube adventures or his popular 5.5 Million strong Instagram.