JJ Da Boss Net Worth 2024

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The adrenaline rush of a street race amidst roaring engines is unmatched, and if you’re into it, you’re into C too. Jonathan Day, or as you might popularly know him as, JJ Da Boss is one of the apex legends in the street racing scene. The champion racer is one goy you never want to mess with. He is a beast and drives some beasts on wheels.

Here’s all there is to know about the life, family, career, and net worth of Jonathan Day. Just keep reading this article till the end, and be ready to get some surprises along the way.

About JJ Da Boss

Our king of the street, JJ, grew up in Memphis, Tennessee in the tough 1970s and 1980s. However, he didn’t particularly like being a straight up kid with his interests ranging from gambling to running. At the age of 10, JJ was already getting into trouble with the big boys in town. However, all that which seemed stupid and problematic eventually made him into the man he became.

While he loves his high-performance cars, he didn’t hedge his bets on his street credit. Jonathan did complete his schooling from Rivercrest High School.

Early Life And Family

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JJ Da Boss was born as Jonathan Day on August 10th, 1973 in Paterson, New Jersey. There is a lack of reliable information about JJ’s family, and his childhood. Also, Jonathan has never mentioned them either in any of his public appearances. We can, however, assume that the family wasn’t rich or financially privileged.

Jonathan is married to Patricia Tricia Day, the couple have been together for 12 years and have a stable family. They raise four wonderful kids together. Again, JJ tries to keep his personal life extremely private.

His Career And Major Milestones

JJ is known by his special quality of speed on a variety of tracks, whether they be super elite race tracks or just the street round the block. The show “Street Outlaws” on Discovery made Jonatha extremely popular for a huge audience.

When it comes to races, JJ generally prefers his 4,720 pound, ’49 Chevy pickup which might not be a usual choice, but has great sentimental value for him.

A Few Things You Didn’t Know About JJ Da Boss

  • As a young race car driver, he made sure than he only came to race tracks when it was time to race. This also meant that he participated in a plethora of special test/sparring races.
  • While he has only 4 children with his current wife, JJ has a total of Eleven children. Patricia, JJ’s current wife, is accepting of all of JJ’s children, even the ones that have been had from different women.
  • Patricia Day is a street racer herself, she’s small in stature which earns her the nickname “midget”, around the circuits.
  • While Jonathan is relatively stable in his life now, he committed crimes and spent eight years in jail. After he got his freedom, he occupied himself with productive things.

Net Worth

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Jonathan Day, aka JJ Da Boss is estimated to be worth more than 2 Million USD. His appearance on the TV Show is his main source of income, legal too I might add. However, the real numbers might not be available because most of the income from street racing is presumed to be underground. Also, his automation, repair, and refurbishing garage brings significant revenue.