Just Doing Your Job: Best WoW Classic Class-Race Combos

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WoWClassic is one of those MMORPGs that let you be whatever job you want—regardless of your character’s gender and race. However, it can’t be denied that there are simply some races that fit a particular class better than others. So before you farm WoW Classic Gold, here’s a Playerauctions guide for all the optimal job-race combos.


Let’s kick things off with Spellcasters!

For Mages, Humans and Gnomes would be excellent for Alliance. While Humans have Human Spirit, Gnomes have the Expansive Mind spell, which increases Intelligence by 5%. As for the Horde, Trolls are the better pick over the Undead because of their Berserking Spell, which increases attack and casting speed by 10% at full health. The more health is lost, the higher the speed boost is, which can even reach up to 30%.

As for Priests,Humans (once again) get perfect pick for the Alliance thanks to the Human Spirit spell, which boosts Spirit by 5%. Dwarves are also a pretty good choice, as the Fear Ward provides quite the utility. And once again, Trolls are the most ideal in the Horde side for the same reasons it’d be most suited for Mage.

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When it comes to Warlocks, it’s most recommended to go with Gnomes for the same reason you’d want to go with a Gnome Mage. As for the Horde, the Undead can be a pretty safe bet, but Orcs work effectively, especially in PVP situations.

For Druids, you can only be one as a Night Elf if you’re part of the Alliance, and Tauren if you’re among the Horde. Last is the Shaman, a spellcaster class that is exclusively for the Horde. If you want to be a Melee Shaman, Orc is definitely the most advisable one because of Blood Fury, a skill that increases base melee attack power by 25% at the cost of healing effects being reduced. On the other hand, if you prefer healing or dealing ranged magical damage, it’d be best to stick with being a Troll.


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Now we move on to physical DPS classes, starting with Rogue.  Once again, for the Alliance, it’s Human, thanks to their Sword Specialization and Mace Specialization skills. Yep, Alliance is definitely not biased at all! On the other hand, with The Horde, the Orc might not seem like a good fit for the crafty, stealthy class, but it works. If that’s not to your liking, Trolls come at a good second.

When it comes to the Hunter class, Night Elves finally break the Humans’ lead because they have the highest base agility among Alliance races. The same can’t be said with the Horde, as the Trolls continue to be the best, as they have the Bow Specialization skill. Compounded with Berserking, they can hit from afar really hard and fast.

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After that, we move on to Warriors, a class that can both be DPS and a tank. Human continues to be the best choice for the very same reason as the Rogue. As for the Horde, it’s a pretty tough toss-up between Orcs and Tauren. The former have Axe Specialization and Blood Fury. The latter, on the other hand, have War Stomp, an AOE threat generator.

Other than Warriors, there’s the Paladin, which is an Alliance-exclusive class for WoW Classic. The best race to be one is definitelyHuman.

That’s pretty much it for the best race-class combos. Keep in mind that while these may be the most recommended out of all the ones available, it doesn’t mean that choosing other races will put you at a huge disadvantage. Besides, the most important thing in an MMO is that you roleplay however you want to.