Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Brand “Terminated” Influencer Myka Stauffer

Image source: Instagram

Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is one of the brands that has severed ties with influencer Myka Stauffer. YouTube star announced she had “rehomed” her autistic adopted son Huxley because of his “medical needs” including autism.

Stauffer and her husband revealed last week they had given up the Chinese-born child after adopting him in 2017 after they profited from ads involving a 4-year old for years.  Huxley was given to another family even though Stauffer once gushed, “I wouldn’t trade him [for] anything!” in a 2018 Instagram post.

Image source: Instagram

When asked by a fan, Hudson swiftly said on Instagram that Stauffer was “terminated”. Other brands that have cut ties with Stauffer include Playtex Baby, Chili’s Suave, and Big Lots.