Fascinating Things you didn’t know about Korean Culture – 2024 Guide

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It is always interesting to learn something about the cultures of other countries, especially if we plan to visit that country. Knowledge of the culture of a certain country can bring you closer to it, but it can also preserve you from various inconveniences. Many things that are normal in one country can be considered offensive in another. That is why it is better to inform yourself well before traveling, and this text can help you with that. In case you are interested in Korean culture and authentic Korean things, check joteta.com.

  1. In Korea, you are one year older

That doesn’t mean that it is 2024 in Korea, but they are counting years differently. A baby is one year old when it is born, so after a year of life, it will have two years. It can look a little confusing, but it makes sense since the pregnancy lasts for nine months, and it is almost a year.

  1. Number four is more than unlucky

Every culture has its unlucky number, and for Korean people, it is number four. They are avoiding putting it in elevators or as an apartment number. If you want to buy real estate in Korea, ask for something with number four, since it will be much cheaper. The main reason for this fear is that the term four sounds like death in this language.

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  1. Is it better to take the shoes off or leave them on your feet?

Every home is different, and many Koreans are watching the same movies as we, so in some houses, it is ok to have shoes on. Many Koreans are taking their shoes off when entering the house, but they don’t mind foreigners to have theirs on. The best thing is to ask the host or watch how they behave. Asking won’t harm and won’t offend anyone, and you will be sure what is the best thing to do.

  1. The middle finger is not a gesture of insult

Well, that may look funny, but Koreans are using the middle finger for almost everything. They are scrolling through phones, pressing the buttons, and pointing things with the middle finger. That is not some kind of insult or an immoral gesture, and it is simply something usual since that finger is the longest one. Try not to take it personally and try to avoid this habit to become yours since you can have problems out of Korea.

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  1. Dress decently

There are not punishments for short skirts and shorts or bare shoulders, but people on the streets will probably stare at you. Younger Korean people are freer, but there are always older ones who can look at yours strangely. If you want to enjoy your stay without strange looks, cover yourself a little, and merge with the environment.

  1. Payment of restaurant bills

The rule is simple if you are taking a girl on a date, it is normal that the man is paying the bill. Some girls are okay with splitting the bill, but it is better to pay it, especially if that is the first date. Going to the restaurant can be different, but it is better to split the bill before the waitress comes for money to avoid odd looks. And if you are the oldest person at the table, everyone will expect that you are going to pay. Of course, you can always ask and agree to split.

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  1. Gifts for the housewarming party

For people who are planning to purchase a house in Korea and have a party to meet their neighbors, it can be a funny experience. We are never sure what is the best present for someone who is buying a new house, but in Korea, it is easy. The perfect gifts are toilet paper and detergent for laundry. So, if you are moving there, don’t worry about those things, and if you are going to someone’s party, you don’t need to think about presents.

  1. Get ready for an unusual cuisine

Korean cuisine is rich and full of flavors, but it may be odd for some people. The raw octopus is the specialty, and it is common to skip cooking before serving. That can be a little extravagant for most people, but don’t worry, you can find other food. Many of their food is only for brave ones, and if you like to explore, that is the perfect place.

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  1. Usage of public restrooms.

It can look a little unusual, but it is not okay to flush the toilet paper since the sewage system is very delicate. Instead of that, there is always a trash can for used paper. That is surprising for foreigners, but better get used to it. Flushing toilet paper can cause many inconveniences, such as a clogged toilet bowl, so it is better to avoid that and use the trash can.

  1. Make-up and plastic surgeries are for every gender

In many countries, make-up and plastic surgeries are women’s things, but not in Korea. Those people love to look nice, and putting some make-up on your face before leaving the house is a common thing. Also, plastic surgeries are popular, and Koreans invest a lot of money and time in their appearance. In other countries going to plastic surgery is not that usual, but in Korea, it is okay to fix everything. Many people are traveling there to do the surgery they need.

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It is impossible to describe Korea and Korean culture in only a few words. This country is exceptional and worth visiting, and that is the only way to get to know it. Those are only a few things that you should know before traveling, but there is much more. The culture is amazing, and it can be interesting to explore it. Since the journey is a bit difficult today, you can always read and learn a lot while waiting for the opportunity to travel.