Live Roulette – Basic Rules and Strategies

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Roulette is the most popular and widely played casino game. It is more a game of chance than of skill. There are many different casino table games like blackjack, poker, baccarat, roulette outshines all of them as it is relatively easy to understand and play. Find all the different games you can go to sites and actually play real-money games now! Roulette was the game that was first played in France and then was popularized by Russians, under the name of Russian roulette.

The roulette table consists of the betting layout, with the wheel on one end and the players on the other. The dealer spins the wheel, and the players have to guess where the ball will land when the wheel stops and make the bets accordingly. It is that simple. You can find out more about the rules and other interesting facts on

What is a Live Roulette

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Live roulette is a new feature or concept provided by online casinos in which the game is played with a live dealer, just like in land-based casinos. The dealer spins the wheels and the result is shown via a web camera.

In simple words, live roulette means playing the game via computer with live dealers. Where the ball will lend is determined at random, unlike the online casino version, where the result of the game is generated with RNG (Random Number Generator).

The player joins the live roulette game and chooses the table. The way the dealer interacts with the gamblers also plays a role in choosing a table. The player can communicate with the dealer as well as other players.

The advanced graphics and video streaming make the gaming experience pretty real. The video and graphics quality also help in promoting the live casino. With top-quality video, graphics, and features the casino will attract more players. Also, you can check and see the review of the sites that are not on the Gamstop.

How Live Roulette Works

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Live roulette is very similar to the other types of roulette. The main thing that sets this game apart is the convenience and comfort of playing at home with a live dealer. Previously, the dealer facility was available in physical casinos only, but now the online casinos have incorporated this feature to give a more realistic gaming experience to the players. It was a conscious effort to add live dealer feature to make the game more thrilling and exciting.

In live roulette, there are multiple cameras placed around the table. Once you log in to the online casino website, you can access the feed and watch the wheel spinning and stopping. To avoid any mixing of the chips, each player is given different colored chips. The dealer distinguishes each player using these different colored chips.

In live roulette, the player makes his bet on any of the numbers. He or she can make any number of bets they want. The gambler can place an inside or outside bet. Inside bets are better paying than outside bets. However, the chances of winning are better in outside bets. After all the bets have been placed, the dealer then spins the wheel and tosses the ball into the spinning wheel. The wheel contains different numbers marked with red or black color, representing odd or even numbers. The number where the ball lands, once the wheel is stopped, is the winning number.

Roulette Strategies

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There are some popular roulette strategies that many casino players are using regularly. These strategies are efficient but do not guarantee that you will always win. The most popular casino roulette strategies are:

Martingale system: It is a betting or gambling strategy in which the player doubles his bet after every loss. The main idea behind this is that eventually, you will win and that win will cover all your losses. Most experience casino players do not follow this strategy but the casinos love it. This is because it can result in large financial gains for the casino.

Fibonacci system: Many casino players use the Fibonacci system. In this system, the player starts by betting on one number and keeps betting till he loses. Once the player loses, he bets on the next number in the Fibonacci series. Following a win, the player goes back by one number and on two consecutive wins, the player starts again.

Dopey Experiment: In this strategy, the bankroll is divided into 35 parts and then you bet on a particular number consecutively for 35 times. If you hit that number within that time, then the player gets back his original bankroll and play more with their profit.

Most casino players agree that the game is based purely on chance. No strategy can beat the roulette system. It is almost impossible to create a strategy to predict where the ball will land once the wheel stops spinning. This unpredictable nature of the roulette game makes it more thrilling and exciting and drives the casino players to come back and play again.

7 Reasons for playing live roulette

Live roulette is rapidly gaining popularity all over the world. More and more people love to play these versions of the game. There are many reasons people enjoy playing this game. The top 7 reasons to play live roulette are:

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  1. The live dealer feature makes the gaming experience more realistic and authentic. It is more exciting and thrilling to play roulette with real casino players at a real table rather than playing to beat a computer program. Similar to the land-based casinos, live casinos have competent and professional dealers. The dealers are generally nice and polite. The dealer welcomes you to the playing area, treats you with courtesy and professionalism, thereby, making you comfortable and at ease.
  2. Video streaming allows you to watch the actions of the dealers in real-time. There is not any lag time. You just sit back and watch the wheel spinning and the ball landing on the particular number. The results are real and provided to you right away. All the action happens before your eyes.
  3. You do not have to step out of your home, you can play from the comfort of your home and have all the privacy. There is no need for you to go to any land-based casino. This saves time as well as money. You can play anywhere and anytime as live roulette tables are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Just log in to any gambling website and start playing.
  4. Like the online version, this game also offers different types of bonuses to the players. The live casinos are offering welcome or sign up bonuses to new players to attract more players. The other most common casino bonus is a referral bonus, in which a player receives a bonus on referring other casino players. This bonus is beneficial to both the player as well as casino as the player receives a bonus and the casino gets a new customer.
  5. There is also an option of verbally communicating with the dealer and other players. So, you can talk to someone using your computer’s microphone and have a real conversation instead of just typing. This feature of interaction and communications with other players is also a driving force behind the increase in the popularity of live casinos. However, make sure you do not get too distracted.
  6. There are a variety of live roulette games such as lightning roulette, speed roulette that are available online. There are so many different variations of this game available online that you will be spoilt for choices.
  7. Live roulette casinos accept currencies from all over the world. You can get the money in dollars, euros, or pounds.
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With the advancement in technology, more and more casinos are providing the live dealer games to the players. Apart from this game, you can play other live casino games online such as blackjack, baccarat.

With further improvement in technology, these casino games will evolve further and there will be a time when it will be more fun to play these live dealer casino games at home rather than at any land-based casino.