Localgraphers Understand the Island Magic of Santorini

Img Source: loveexploring.com

A true gem of Greece, the island of Santorini is a famous tourist and photography destination with everything from historic archaeological sites to vibrant modern energy. It’s easy to hire a photographer in Santorini, but to make sure that your vacation photos capture not only the popular landmarks but also the special character of the island, it’s helpful to have a local do your photoshoot. With a photographer from Localgrapher, you’ll have the advantage of having a photographer who knows the area well and can possibly show you some places most tourists pass up.

Begin at the Capital

Santorini may be small, but it’s large enough to have several cities and small villages. Firá is the capital and a great place to start your vacation. Known for its picturesque white-washed houses and a stunning view of the caldera, Firá maintains a relaxed vibe while still having plenty of activities. One of the most famous sites is the nearby archaeological ruins of Akrotiri where you can see real-life examples of how Santorini acted as a port between Europe and North Africa.

Hire Photographers for Stunning Island Photographs

Even among islands, Santorini hits a special level of beauty and wonder. A local photographer can help you select the best beaches and spots to capture the wondrous coastal scenery. One famous beach is known as the Red Beach for its incredible red-colored cliffs which contrast beautifully with the turquoise water. The Perissa beach is another excellent location, situated close to Firá and known for its long peaceful expanse of black sand.

A Tour of History

Many of the most popular attractions of Santorini are linked to the historic sites found around the island. The largest and best known of these is the ancient city of Thira. Among the ruins you can find old temples, government buildings, and theaters. It’s an excellent spot to go for photographs who want to capture the mysterious ancient qualities of Santorini that distinguish it from other islands. For a closer look at some of the discoveries made at the site of Thira, you can visit the Archeological Museum of Firá which holds many of the figurines, pottery, and other artifacts discovered on the island.

Caldera of Santorini

One of the most defining features of Santorini is the massive caldera at the center of the island. Formed by an ancient volcano eruption, the caldera is about 12 kilometers across is the widest part. You can take a ferry boat across the caldera for a stunning view back to the island, and maybe visit one of the smaller nearby islets such as the Kaiméni islands of Thirassia.

If you’ve dreamed of traveling to Greece but still want a unique adventure, Santorini is the perfect spot to visit. No matter what time of year you travel, you’re guaranteed a warm welcome, particularly when you hire a photographer who can give you a local’s perspective of the island. Instead of relying on tourist brochures, you can ask a local’s advice about the best places to visit and perfect photo opportunities to add that extra special touch to your vacation.