Long Distance Relationship – How to Spice Things Up In 2024

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Living far away from your loved ones can make life pretty unbearable. Without having a clear idea of what is taking place back home, it might prove difficult for you to adapt to life overseas. Luckily, video calling has become a universal medium for individuals to stay in touch with their loved ones.

This is possible thanks to the introduction of webcams, faster internet connection, not forgetting reliable VoIP services. That aside, today we are going to examine some of the ways to spice things up when on a video call with your lover.

 Try Cooking While on a Call

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Who said you could not cook together with the love of your life when he is not close to you? Well, video chatting has taken romance to the next level since you can share this precious moment by cooking as they watch. Nothing is as interesting as the sheer sight of your dear one cooking your favorite dish. If this is not enough, you can decide to cook the same meal before eating together as if you are close to one another.

To pull this off successfully, you need to make good use of the share screen view feature that comes in most webcams. Thanks to this feature, the both of you can watch the same cooking video in order to follow the entire cooking process. All it takes is for you to share the same screen when on a video call. This is definitely a milestone in your relationship, considering you get to do things together like distance does not matter. Consequently, try cooking the next time you are on a video call with your lover and see how it goes.

Play Your Favorite Games Together

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You can never mention the word fun without thinking about your favorite game. So try participating in a simple charade or play online games the next time you are on a video call with your lover. There are different types of games you can partake in as long as both of you find them interesting. Whether you prefer multi-player online games or the ones you are accustomed to, you are free to play them as long as you are having fun. Among the most notable online games, you will find enticing include Truth or Dare, Last Letter, Two Truths-One Lie, to mention a few.

When playing online video games together, you need to make sure the video and audio quality is high. After all, you want to see what is taking place without having to worry about blurred images. Luckily, there are numerous webcams whose video quality will make it easy for you to play video games easily. If you cannot afford HD webcams, you can consider adjusting the lighting of your room or changing the background. In addition, you need to get rid of any distractions and noise that might hinder the audio quality.

Watch Movies or Listen to Songs

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If you are not the video game type of couple, you can consider watching movies or your favorite TV shows together. Apps such as Netflix can come in quite handy whenever you want to watch movies as it boasts of interesting TV series and movies. Alternatively, you can buy digital films via Google PlayStore or iTunes before watching them together using the share screen feature of webcams. Make sure you watch movies you both love if you are to make the video call as enjoyable as possible.

Apart from watching movies and TV shows together, you can also listen to songs or watch music videos on YouTube. What is even more fascinating is the fact that you can record yourselves while singing along to your favorite songs. Take turns and listen to one another as you sing along to songs that make you happy. It is highly advisable for you to opt for love songs as they tend to spice things up a little bit. This action will go a long way in maintaining a strong relationship regardless of the distance.

Ask One Another Questions

Asking one other question can also prove beneficial when having a video call with your life partner according to talktostrangers.com. Remember, question-asking is one of the easiest ways you can use in keeping the conversation going, especially if you have been on the video call for a long time. This does not mean asking questions that are out of this world, as they will definitely make things complicated. Instead, go with questions you would normally ask when the two of you are together. For instance, ask how work has been or things that transpired during the entire day. Such questions are a true indication of how you care and value one another.

With question asking, you can also take turns and show how much you appreciate the response. Never spoil the mood by showing how discontented you are with the answer you receive from your partner. In case of any misunderstanding, you will have to look for the perfect way to express your dissatisfaction. It is then that both of you are going to enjoy video chatting every time you are done with the daily activities.

The Bottom Line

Long-distance relationships should never be the reason why you are living a lonely life. Simply take your webcam and start a video chat with your soul mate. However, you need to spice things up using the above-mentioned tips if you are to keep the fire burning. Never shy away from trying any new idea you might have in mind as it is definitely going to make the video call enticing. Remember, the video and audio quality matter a lot when video chatting.