Low Self-Esteem and Depression in Men – 2024 Tips

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Real men don’t talk about health issues, especially mental ones.

Real men bottle everything up and die before they need to.

Boys are taught from an early age to man-up, not to cry, and to deal with it themselves whenever they have a problem.

Silence is never going to make any problem go away, especially mental problems. Mental health problems become worse over time, so it’s time men started to accept responsibility for their health.

Take back control. Nothing is fixed in stone. You can improve most situations.

Low Self-Esteem Causes and Effects

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Studies show that there is a correlation between self-esteem and depression. One of the main causes of male self-esteem is poor body-image. This may have developed over many years of exposure to over-developed muscular male stereotypes. Abusive and non-supportive relationships either as an adult or child will also adversely affect a man’s self-image.

If a man’s parents were overly negative and failed to recognize and celebrate their son’s achievements, the boy may well have grown up with a poor sense of self-worth that will affect all aspects of his adult life.

Bullying as a child or adult will have self-confidence consequences that last for many years after the bullying episode. This is the case even if parents were supportive.

Bedroom Performance

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Male sexual health is more complex than men generally think. It involves nerves, hormones, the brain, muscles and blood vessels. If you have any sexual health issues, your doctor will check for underlying conditions such as thyroid or prostate problems. Once you have eliminated physical causes, you can get down to treating your condition.

The Internet has made porn readily available without paying a penny, or the embarrassment of buying “top-shelf” magazines in public. Men then compare their own ability to perform in the bedroom with the carefully scripted and totally unrealistic professional performances by actors on pornography sites.

Premature ejaculation (PE) is a common problem among men of all ages, with men reporting only being able to last for two minutes after vaginal penetration. Studies show women take between thirteen and twenty minutes of stimulation to reach an orgasm. The unhappy situation of a “satisfied” man and an unsatisfied woman affects a man because he feels less masculine if his partner is not fulfilled by sexual intercourse.

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Men often feel guilty, but this is pointless unless it leads a man to find a remedy, and there are solutions available. Doctors can prescribe SSRIs that will help, though you might not want to hit your brain with chemicals. Exercise helps, and there are sprays such as Promescent that will slightly de-sensitize the penis while still leaving enough feeling to make sex enjoyable. Other than that, Psychological therapy may also help learning the source of problems in sexual preformence, and can also help couples improve their sex life.

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is the inability to sustain an erection hard enough to achieve vaginal penetration. This is another very common issue that men ignore at their peril. The little blue pill helps here, but this is treating the symptoms rather than any underlying cause such as heart disease, hypertension or obesity.

Erectile dysfunction will affect  1 in 3 males less than fifty years of age, so you are not alone. Erection changes are normal in that age, nine out of ten men with ED have an underlying cause: It is NOT all in the mind. However, some erection dysfunction might change according to different lifestyle factors and can even enhance erotic and lovemaking.

See your doctor and get advice that could save your life.

Treating Low-Self-Esteem in Men

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A Basel University study by researchers Julia Sowislo and Ulrich Orth established clear causal links between low self-esteem and the probability of developing symptoms of clinical depression. This study found that subjects who did not like themselves suffered from low self-esteem and concluded that there was substantial evidence that this often led to depression.

A man’s low self-esteem can lead to relationship breakdown. There are things a man can do to reduce these emotions and stay relaxed such as meditation. Meditation has been around for centuries, in fact, more than a millennium, which goes to show how impressive and effective the practice is. Meditation allows you to calm yourself, focus, and even connect to a higher power via your own body.

Science and technology may have become advanced, but they still haven’t exposed the countless secrets of human minds and our brains, which are still a mystery to them. Meditation is one of those things that scientists cannot explain no matter how hard they try. Meditation even helps prevent feeling lonely, and how could you feel lonely when you connect to a higher power and realize that you are a divine creature.

Besides, latest researches show that volunteering or helping other people, can cause a reduction in your negative emotions, thus causing the positivity in you to skyrocket exponentially. , helping other fellow men and women with their shortcomings, also help you feel less concerned about your own feelings of depression and angriness.

Exercise! Reaserches showes that Physical activity have been proven to have benefits on depression. One of them is this study found that 40 min of daily aerobic activity, that was efficacious to reduce depressive symptoms and improve aspects of self-worth.

The One-Minute Version

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Low-self-esteem is a relationship killer.

Men with low self-esteem need to acknowledge that fact and then to look for possible causes. A counselor might be the only way to resolve any issues that go back to childhood. However, if the causes are physical ones such as erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation, the treatments (even of underlying physical causes) are simpler to treat.

Doing nothing should never be an option, yet that is a common male reaction because of misconceived embarrassment about discussing problems with a doctor.

Good diet, good sleep, sports and meditation and even joining a support group are great to start increasing self-esteem isuues.

Recognizing low self-esteem in yourself is never simple, and listening to family and friends’ advice and acting on that advice is essential.