Everything That You Need to Know About Magento 2 Order Tracking Extension – 2024 Guide

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One of the biggest that concerns all types of customers is that after they make payment for the purchase, and until they get the delivery at their doorstep, they stay stressed. As a businessman, have you thought about this that concerns customers? If no, you need to think now.

In this digitalized world, if you want to win the hearts of customers, you need to give them a hassle-free experience when it comes to shopping. One of the major concerns that customers face is will the product reach them on time? Will the product arrive on time in case of a holiday or a festival? The answer to all these questions faced by a customer is Magento 2 order tracking extension.

What is Magento 2 Order tracking extension?

SOFTLOFT reports that the Magento 2 order tracking extension provides a facility that helps customers to Magento track order without any login. Real-time order tracking services are provided by AJAX technologies. The users only need to provide their email id and the order number to know all details about their order.

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Benefits of Magento 2 Order tracking and notification extension

Following are the major benefits offered by Magento 2 order tracking extension:

Answers the questions to customers

Most customers want to know about their post-purchase order confirmation. As per a study conducted, it has been found that almost 30% of customers who make an online purchase make a call to the call center or the customer care executive to know about the status of their order.

Thus, it is important that you are answering the questions posed by your customers in real-time. Thus, the use of the Magento 2 order tracking extension will help you as well as your customer to have the situation under control. In addition to this, a trustworthy relationship will also be formed between you and your customers.

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The easy post purchase experience

In an ideal world, it is very important to give a post-purchase experience to your customers. Most sellers expect the customers to get all information from their end. You can’t expect your customers to keep on searching for their product and package to arrive at their doorstep. Thus, with the use of Magento 2 order tracking extension, you can send notifications to your customers that will enable them to get regular updates about the package and the shipment arrival.

It will also help customers to get updates about the package location. Therefore you need to provide information to your customers in such a way that they can chase their package easily. In addition to this, you also need to provide the option of both email and SMS notification to your customers for maximum efficiency and effectiveness of usage.

Proactive order tracking

Almost 90% of buyers are of the opinion that they would choose a store that can provide them with proactive tracking information. Bigger brands like Amazon have raised the bar when it comes to providing the best user experience. Today savvy shoppers will expect that when they are planning for an online transaction and purchase, they should get all information at a single place so that they can have convenient access to information so that they can track their packages easily.

During the top season of sale and festive seasons, the tracking mail can get lost, and thus, customers may find it difficult to track the products that they have ordered. In this case, the SMS notification at regular intervals will serve the purpose, and your customers will love the way your brand focuses on proactive order tracking.

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Multi item tracking options

The best part about the Magento 2 order tracking is that it will enable you to get complete tracking information, even if you have ordered multiple items in different packages. The Magento 2 tracking enables customers to provide desired tracking information for each package. Thus, you can track the entire package as well as the items separately. The Magento 2 tracking enables the stores to send tracking URLs to the customers for different items and packages. Thus, it helps in getting a convenient and easy tracking option.

Decrease in customer service cost

You may not believe this, but Magento 2 order tracking extension has helped millions of retail chains and stores in reducing the customer service cost. During the peak seasons of sale or the festive seasons, most businesses and stores have to spend an additional 25% in hiring customer service staff who can answer the query call of customers related to the order tracking.

The peak festive seasons are the time when your store needs to maximize sales and profit margin. But, if you want to increase your customer services without incurring additional cost, the best way is to use the Magento 2 order tracking services. The system will provide regular notification to your customers about their order, and they won’t have to call your customer care services.

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Provide best services

If you are a businessman, you should know that customers are the king, and thus, if you are looking to retain your customer base, you need to provide services as per their needs. The best way to provide services to your customer is to give them hassle-free order tracking options. The Magento 2 Order tracking platform comes up with multiple benefits, and it will help you to retain profit and customer base for a long duration.

If you want to know more about topics related to customer services, you can check the internet. This internet contains multiple information about customer services and how to improve the customer base.

For people who are looking for more detailed information about Magento 2 order tracking services, they can visit here. This platform contains lots of informative articles about Magento 2. We hope all your issues related to after-sale services to your clients were resolved. Use Magento 2 order tracking extension to boost your customer base and your profit margin without working too hard.