How to Make your Life Easier as an Entrepreneur

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As an entrepreneur, you probably have enough on your plate to work 24/7. Not that you want to! It’s important for your mental and physical health to take enough breaks and sleep enough nightly. That’s why it’s important to work smarter, not harder. In this article, we tell you more about how you can make your life easier as an entrepreneur, while still growing your business. Win-win!

How do you become an entrepreneur?

The following ten steps can be used as a personal checklist to set yourself up for success; from finding the right mindset, to creating value behind your business idea. Here’s how you can become an entrepreneur:

  • Decide whether entrepreneurship suits you
  • Think of an idea and learn as much as possible about it
  • Determine your target audience
  • Make a business plan and start your business
  • Hire partner(s)
  • Build a network
  • Test your idea
  • Make a financial plan
  • Develop a catchy brand
  • Promote your business.

Decide whether entrepreneurship suits you

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Becoming an entrepreneur is nothing new these days. What many people forget, however, is that as an entrepreneur you do not immediately swim in money. Nor is there always a demand for your products or services. However, some of these entrepreneurial benefits may become reality. Especially when you run your career independently, and are willing to take big risks for (hopefully) big rewards.

Think for yourself what your priorities are and what type of person you are. Then see if you recognize yourself in the following entrepreneurial skills:

  • You are enthusiastic about your idea and motivated to implement it.
  • You are someone who is always looking for a challenge.
  • You are realistic and can estimate whether a business concept is profitable or not.
  • You are confident and unafraid regardless of the opinions of others.
  • You are flexible when it comes to your company and personal emotions.

Not quite ready to execute your plan yet? Don’t worry. Then take it easy. There is no rush to change your lifestyle overnight. Take small steps to change your habits little by little. And only move on to the next step when the time is right.

Think of an idea and learn as much as possible about it

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Becoming an entrepreneur starts with coming up with a good idea for your company. According to, it is essential to distinguish yourself as best as possible from others. Even if you decide to do something that others have already done, such as opening a restaurant. In that case, always give your own twist to the concept. For example, offer not only vegetarian dishes, but vegetarian dishes from specific areas or countries.

Think not only about finding your competitive advantage, but also about what you enjoy doing. What passions in life can you focus on without effort? Moreover, a good way to come up with the right idea is to determine which problem you most want to solve. If you are very environmentally conscious, for example, you can think of replacing plastic straws with a more environmentally friendly product. Becoming a good entrepreneur only works if you stick to what you like, what you know and what you feel the world needs!

In addition to passion and perseverance, it is necessary to thoroughly immerse yourself in the subject. It may even be necessary to complete a degree or certain courses. You can also read up on the internet or with the help of informative books. And talk to people who are already a few steps further in the process. Either way, you can learn a lot from them.

Are you looking for some new insights? Then browse through this list of work from home business ideas and see if they pique your interest. Of course you combine these practical ideas with your own, to come up with something completely new.

Hire skilled professionals

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You probably started your business because you wanted to sell products or services to clients. Or just because you wanted to make a lot of money. That’s totally fine. Unfortunately, you can’t spend all your time on the parts that you like in entrepreneurship; next to trying to convince your clients, you also have to take care of your taxes, marketing… And you can’t be good at everything!

So in order to make your company grow, it can be very beneficial to hire skilled professionals to help you out with certain tasks. When you can outsource some of your daily tasks, you have more free time to spend on things you really enjoy doing. Or you can take an extra break to see your family, go to the gym or take a nap. It’s up to you!

We always recommend hiring an accountant to make sure your taxes are in order. You don’t want to get fined because you did your taxes late at night and forgot to fill something in! Furthermore it’s handy to work with a marketing agency. You want your company to be visible online with the right keywords, and they can put you on the map by directing customers with targeted ads to your site and all kinds of SEO tricks.

It’s also handy to have some skilled professionals on speed dial, such as a recruiter who can help you out when you need to hire a new employee, or your contact at the collection agency  when your calls to a debtor remain unanswered. Hiring a collection agency, like E-legal can help you get back the money you’re owed.

Use the smartest software on the TECH market

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Have you ever struggled with a time-consuming task and thought: “why has no one invented anything for this?”. Well, chances are someone has! Especially when it comes to tasks you have to do online, we’re lucky we’re living in the digital age. Why would you struggle making bills to send out to your debtors, where you have to add everything manually when you could use a program that fills everything in automatically? And why would you spend hours on HR documents when there are Artificial Intelligence tools that can make your life so much easier?

For all kinds of menial tasks, we recommend you to look around and ask around. Ask your fellow entrepreneurs which software they recommend and try to make a good deal with the manufacturer. Let’s be real: if you can choose between spending 30 minutes daily doing paperwork or three hours, you know what to pick!

The less time you spend on things you don’t like, the more time you have for things you do like. Spend that extra time on having dinner with your family or working on your brand. You can do it!