How Much is a Michael Jordan Jersey Worth in 2024

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There are jerseys and there is the jersey having Michael Jordan written on its back. His Airness, Mr. One and Only, Michael Jordan, was the greatest player ever to run the NBA courts. He mesmerized the fans all over the world for 15 long NBA seasons winning 6 NBA titles with Chicago Bulls. He managed to be proclaimed an MVP for 4 times in NBA finals. Under his baton during the ’80s and ’90s, the popularity of the NBA skyrocketed worldwide. Official best player of not only our but of all times, an all-star and up to date role model of everyone who ever took a shot at the basket. Although some rules have been changed to settle his dominance, it failed to stop him from reaching an all-time high and remain there for good.

Concerning sports, Michael Jordan was not only a professional basketball player. He tried his luck with baseball during his first temporary retirement from the NBA and played one season with a minor baseball league team, the Chicago White Sox. Also, Jordan enjoys playing golf but has not made any professional endeavors.

Considering the career Michael had and the heights he reached and the acknowledgment he received worldwide, wearing his jersey represents not only love and respect towards the all-time number one, but also signifies a robe representing a time worth mentioning, but long gone. Therefore, the statement you may want to distinguish by wearing a Michael Jordan jersey can be strictly linked to a specific period he played in the NBA.

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Before we start listing the types of uniforms worn by his Airness, we should point up the two main ways of getting the jersey nowadays. Times have changed since the early days of Michael’s career when the only way you could obtain an original jersey was via specialized shops. An interesting fact is that his kit was the bestseller in almost every season he played. On the other hand, the markets such is Europe had different standards when it comes to both size and printing. Even the manufacturer was different since the Champion made kits for Europe, while Nike remained the supplier for the States.

Nowadays, you may buy a new jersey made by an authentic licensed manufacturer, Mitchell, and Ness. They are making extreme quality wears and are licensed since 2014. Although their wares cost a hefty sum of money, the quality is incomparable with competition so the condition is proportional to the price tag. Kits of this type are created accordingly to the originals worn in different seasons and that is an aspect that affects the price as well. If you are looking for unique wares and NBA jerseys you may view more at Onephyle.

The other type of jerseys to be found wearing the greatest name that ever-played basketball are vintage jerseys. Vintage jerseys are to be found mostly online and rarely in vintage shops. What makes them unlikely to be found in stores is that they are easily plundered and they go out much faster than they come in. When buying this type of product, you should be especially aware of scammers.

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Namely, the quality of goods they usually offer is not as good as stated in the description and it either totally fails to fit the description or it has some hidden imperfections. Products like this are often advertised as too good to be true and come at lower price tags for the same merch otherwise costing a few times more. Therefore, if something seems to be a bargain, it usually isn’t, since there is a well-structured market for this type of commodities and both supply and demand are on a high level.

Therefore, here are the best of the best jerseys Michael Jordan wore through his NBA career and what makes them special. We shall provide the types of the jerseys he played in since the exact kits he actually wore on the field reach the prices that can easily break the ceiling, any ceiling.

The Bulls Palette 1985

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This was the jersey that was designed to imitate the original Bulls uniform and continues to adorn the team even now. Michael Jordan wore this specific jersey when the Bulls won six championships in eight years, with his Airness winning all six MVP titles. Great teams they beat in final matches are the Lakers, Seattle SuperSonics, Utah Jazz for two times, Trailblazers, and Phoenix Suns. This red and white variant remains the symbol of Michael and the years of prosperity for the Chicago Bulls.

The Old Chicago Palette 1973 – 1985

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This is the retro-looking Chicago jersey young Michael wore when he managed to win the rookie of the year title. It was his debutant year where he already has drawn attention to his skillset and implied the pure quality that was about to be shared with the rest of the world.

The 45

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This is a number that Jordan wore on his jersey as a youngster. That was the reason he wanted to try his luck with it when he joined his old team after a short baseball venture and a two-year pause from the basketball. Although he averaged more than 26 points, Michael Jordan wore this number for as much as 17 straight league games, returning to his good old 23 afterward.

Wait, what, a 12?

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So, in a game against Orlando Magic, which took place in the year of 1990, although an MVP and best defensive player, it was yet to be shown that Michael is the greatest of all times. Namely, somebody stole a jersey Jordan should have worn on the valentine’s day against the Magic, so a change had to be made. For the unanticipated occasions such this was, there was a spare jersey waiting for a long time to be used. So, the nameless jersey with only number twelve written on the back of it was worn by a GOAT to be. Solely that one time in history. Afterward, Michael has sworn not to ware that number ever again.

Surely, Michael has worn other types of jerseys, playing both for the US national team and the Washington Wizards, on his final hike to the NBA league. Choosing the most favorable period of Jordan’s lavish career may be the decision-making factor when it comes to choosing the kit that suits you best. One thing is certain, there are jerseys and there is the Michael Jordan jersey, so, wear it in good health!