Embiid vs. Jokic: Who Will Win The 2024 NBA MVP Award?

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As the play-off gets closer, the debate about the best player in the NBA is also getting heated. Two players often mentioned as front-runners for the award are Joel Embiid of the Philadelphia 76ers and Nikola Jokic of the Denver Nuggets. Both centers have outstanding performances during the season and are expected to continue dominating the league.

Jokic is known for his versatility and ability to lead his team. He is averaging nearly a triple-double this season, with 9.9 assists, over ten rebounds, and around 25 points per game. On the other side, Embiid is not showing the same playmaking abilities, but he is scoring even more points, around 33 per game.

When it comes to the odds for the MVP award, most providers are currently offering the same chance for them to win. If you want to check the latest odds, visit 1x bet. In this article, we will compare the strengths and weaknesses of Embiid and Jokic and analyze which player has the best chance of taking home the coveted MVP trophy in 2024.

Joel Embiid: A Dominant Force in the Paint

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Joel Embiid has been a dominant force in the paint since entering the league in 2014. At 7 feet tall and weighing 280 pounds, Embiid is a true center who excels at both ends of the court. He is a prolific scorer who can shoot from mid-range, attack the basket, and draw fouls with his physicality.

Embiid’s impact on the 76ers is undeniable, as he serves as the team’s leader on and off the court. With his size, skill, and leadership combination, Embiid is certainly a strong contender for the 2024 NBA MVP award in Basketball games.

Nikola Jokic: An All-Around Offensive Weapon

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Nikola Jokic is often described as a “unicorn” due to his unique combination of size, skill, and versatility. At 6 feet 11 inches and weighing 284 pounds, Jokic is a center who possesses exceptional passing skills, shooting touch and court vision. Jokic’s offensive game is not limited to scoring and passing, as he is also an excellent rebounder and can score from all areas of the court.

Moreover, he has a reliable mid-range jump shot, a solid post-game, and the ability to stretch the floor with his three-point shooting. Jokic’s versatility makes him a tough matchup for any opponent, as he can score from the perimeter, in the post, or off the dribble. The impressive fact is that he leads the league with 25 triple-doubles, while the first follower in this segment has only ten. The two-time winner will repeat the success of Larry Bird if he manages to win this award.

The Importance of Team Success

A player’s team’s success is an important factor in the MVP race. In general, players on winning teams are more likely to win the award than players on losing teams. That is because winning teams tend to have more media attention and a higher profile, which can increase a player’s chances of winning the award.

However, this is not always the case, as players on dominant teams may split votes with their teammates, while players on weaker teams may have more individual statistical achievements. Nevertheless, the situation for both players is similar in this segment since they are leading figures in their teams, and both Denver Nuggets and 76ers are in the top of the league.

The Narrative Factor

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Another important factor in the MVP race is the narrative surrounding the player. A compelling narrative can increase a player’s chances of winning the award, especially if it involves overcoming adversity or achieving a significant milestone.

For example, Embiid has a compelling narrative, as he has battled injuries and health issues throughout his career. He has also faced criticism for his work ethic and fitness level but has worked hard to improve. Jokic, on the other hand, has a consistent narrative as a reliable and versatile player who has steadily improved since entering the league.

In terms of narrative, Embiid has an advantage over Jokic. His resilience and determination to overcome obstacles have garnered media attention and praise from fans and analysts alike. However, Jokic’s consistency and all-around game make him a strong candidate.

Media Attention

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Media attention is another factor that can influence the MVP race. Players who receive more media attention are more likely to be seen as deserving of the award, as they are perceived as having a greater impact on their team and the league. In this regard, Embiid may have an advantage over Jokic.

He is a more outspoken and charismatic player who generates headlines with his on-court performances and off-court antics. Embiid is also a popular player on social media, which can increase his exposure and influence on the voting process.

However, Jokic’s consistent play and impressive all-around game have earned him widespread recognition and respect from fans and analysts. While he may not be as flashy as Embiid, Jokic is a reliable and versatile player who consistently produces at a high level. Media attention may play a role in the MVP race, but it is not the only factor voters consider.

Also, we have to mention that some other players are getting even more attention from the media for their attractive moves and capabilities, like Giannis, Harden, or Luka Doncic. However, the statistics are what is the most important in the end, and Jokic is leading in that segment.

Last Words

In recent years, the award has favored players with strong statistical achievements who lead their teams to win records and have compelling narratives. However, there have been exceptions to these trends, as players on losing teams or with less impressive statistics have won the award. The voting process is subjective and can be influenced by various factors.

We can notice that many experts criticized Jokic since he seemed slower and less attractive. However, the things that he is doing are unique and impressive. Besides that, Embid had to miss the game against Denver a few days ago, which greatly impacted the odds for both of them. Therefore, the remaining five games for Denver and six for the 76ers are crucial because people expect to see a lot from the best players in the league.