Michelle Obama Earned $36M From Her Memoir “Becoming”

Image source: E!News

According to Forbes, Michelle Obama earned $36 million, after selling 10 million copies of her memoir, “Becoming”. In a statement posted to Forbes’ official Instagram account, the publication wrote, in part: “$36 million. That is how much Michelle Obama made from her memoir, “Becoming” after selling 10 million copies in 2019, making her the third-highest-paid author of last year”.

Image source: Madison365.com

The memoir was also the best-selling book of 2018. In addition to that, her U.S. book tour sold out as well with some fans even paying up to $10,000 a chair to attend the event.

On May 6th Netflix is going to release a Michelle Obama documentary that followed former first lady on her book tour offering viewers an “intimate look” behind the scenes.

Image source: Insider.com