How to Get More Leads with LinkedIn Automation Tools

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In modern marketing, you will often hear the term leads generation and in this case, it is about the initiation of consumers to show interest and even buy a particular product or service. With the help of lead, important information is obtained about which specific demographic groups are interested in that type of product or service.

It is not always easy to get this data. They are usually collected online, through phone calls, advertisements, events, or mutual referrals, known as referrals. Nowadays, over 90% of leads come from online sources, and much less often from events or direct contact. With the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, it is becoming increasingly clear that people prefer to research online rather than attend events or be contacted by telephone.

And then – the rise of LinkedIn has come.

It’s a social media-based platform, with a specific goal, to let the recruiters and workers connect, and learn more about their new job.

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But, we all know that social media is today all about marketing, and following the example of the bigger competitors, LinkedIn also allowed the users to use the platform to place ads and open job positions. Also, people can target a specific group of other people, to let them learn more about their products, and encourage them to at least get interested in the offer.

LinkedIn has over 600 million active users who are fighting for attention, to be seen by potential employers, and to stand out from the competition. Knowing the need for this, the service introduced automation tools, which will bring more leads.

So what happens when you automate the process?

  • You can send automatic requests to connect with users of your interest
  • You can reply to the messages you receive so that the other party does not wait long
  • To control the campaigns and their flow
  • Conduct more activities simultaneously

Many who use LinkedIn process automation claim that it has helped them to be more visible and more responsive to their activities.

How to successfully generate leads through this network?

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To be successful in your endeavors, you need to take the time to study the principles on which LinkedIn’s work is based. The process is easy to understand and implement.

First of all, you need to find your own automation tools that will help you put your ideas into action, and a good example of this is OctopusCRM, through which you can personalize the experience for everyone you come in contact with and accomplish a lot. automatic checks in a relatively short time.

Next, you must understand the principles of operation. For example:

  • You must have an idea of where this process leads.
  • Understand the elements of the tool with which you implement the process.
  • Understand what you are doing wrong in case you do not have the desired feedback.
  • To share valid information, finely assembled in a chunk of content that will arouse interest.

But you must not:

  • Write generic messages and copy from others.
  • To sound like you are selling something.
  • Do not spam.

Then move on to the following steps:

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  1. Fill in your profile

You need to be relevant to get enough attention. Do not miss to attach a photo, add a short description, briefly describe your purpose, and include all the necessary details that will show that you are a relevant profile, not spam.

At this point, you have to optimize it with the keywords that will lead the customers to you. You need to be transparent and catchy at the same time, so you can accomplish the goal.

  1. Follow up on previous leads

Although it may seem like you are begging for attention, it is very likely that some users will miss you in the full inbox, or rarely use this network. For these reasons, it is really not scary to check what is happening. If you do not receive a response the second or third time, you can remove that contact from your list.

  1. Collect only useful data

LinkedIn users list millions of data about themselves, but the skill and art in successful lead generations [are to know how to use only those that are useful to you. With their help, you can optimize the campaign even for other social networks.

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  1. Always personalize your approach

We all hate templates and think they are boring, we do not like polls and we get annoyed at the predictable course of events. With the right SEO and personalization tools, you will get the most out of your campaign. Best of all, it will be aimed at those who need to hear it and join it.

  1. Do not send promotions

People hate it when someone advertises something to them without them agreeing. Of course, we are all accustomed to ads on sites, television, billboards, but when we get something like that in the inbox, we must admit that it gets annoying. Therefore, step away from the promotional approach, be creative, and show that the potential customer is really important to you.

  1. Motivate them to cooperate

Sometimes a very small change of a few words in your speech can contribute to a higher level of responses. That is your goal. Try to sound natural, but also to show the users that your communication is not a pure formality. That way you gain their trust – and that’s what you need to be able to work together.

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When you implement all these steps through your automation tool, we can guarantee that you will get the wanted results. You don’t need to follow some pre-written steps or try to launch your campaign according to the books. You are doing all of this, so you can really get to know how your audience performs, and to recognize their specific needs.

After that, you are completely ready to optimize the whole approach and get the most of your campaign, no matter what the purpose is. We really hope that this article is helpful for you and that you will be able to complete the whole thing properly.