Most Viewed Youtube Videos in India – 2024 Review

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With the rise of T-series as the most subscribed channel in Youtube’s history, people are becoming increasingly interested in the „Indian side of Youtube“. It has become such a huge part of the Youtube community that it’s no wonder it became so influential and powerful over the last couple of years.

The T-series vs Pewdiepie „Youtube war“ in 2018 made people wonder if the Indian Youtube channel was using sub bots to gain that many subscribers in such a short time. This was actually proven to be false. Indian channels are popular because Indian people simply prefer watching videos in Hindu and are more interested in localized content. Additionally, the internet connection has never been more attainable in India, ever. It became extremely cheap, making it so more and more people are relying on Youtube for their daily doses of the internet.

So what do the Indians watch?

The recent trending page

As of now, the trending page in India is mostly filled with Bollywood songs and recaps from the most popular TV shows. The trending page also features a lot of cooking videos and you can find a lot of individual creators there too. At the moment, the biggest trend is probably the “Binod” meme. It’s so popular that it became a thing in the west as well. If you use Twitter you have most likely seen it on your feed.

The meme was made by two very popular Indian creators going by the name of SlayyPoint. It was a video making fun of Indian comment sections, and one of the highlight points in it was this Youtube user who posted a comment that consisted of nothing but his name: Binod. The video soon became viral and the Binod meme was born.

YouTubers from India are realizing that their videos now have international reach, so many videos have subtitles in English. Bollywood music is also becoming more and more popular, and some predict it will soon reach the popularity of Kpop.

The most popular Indian individual creators

  1. Ajey Nagar

Another very popular youtube creator, Ajey Nagar makes funny reaction videos. His video named „TikTok vs Youtube“ became viral making his subscriber count increase rapidly. He now has 24.5 million subscribers. This makes him the most popular individual creator from India!

  1. Amit Badhana

This Youtuber makes funny videos and sketches and every single video he makes gets millions and millions of views. He has about 20.9 million subscribers! If you want to compare him to the most popular western creators, his subscriber count surpasses even the ones of Jeffree Star and Nikkie Tutorials!

  1. Ashish Chanchalani

Ashis Chanchalani is a YouTuber that creates humorous and entertaining content. He is famous for his funny reactions and facial expressions, and his channel is growing rapidly. He has 19.9 million subscribers.

  1. Bhuvan Bam

He was the first Indian creator to gain over 10 million subscribers. He is extremely popular and his content is very entertaining. He has a couple of different characters he portrays and is generally very fun to watch. He has 18.6 million subscribers.

  1. Gaurav Chaudhary

Better known as „Technical Guruji”, Gaurav makes extremely useful tech review videos. He has 18.4 million subscribers which makes him one of the most popular creators in India. His videos are extremely well-made and helpful, so it’s no wonder his channel is this big.

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The most popular Indian youtube channels (companies)

  1. T-series

We can’t possibly go through this list without mentioning the T-series channel. It’s currently the biggest Youtube channel in the world with almost 150million subscribers! They mostly post Bollywood songs and movies and are extremely popular in India.

  1. SET India

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This channel consists of a huge variety of movies, tv shows, game shows, and all the other popular TV programs. They have about 80 million subscribers, and their popularity increases daily.

  1. ZeeTV

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Another TV channel, it offers quality Bollywood shows and TV entertainment. It has around 50 million subscribers. It features both older classics and newer series and TV programs.

  1. Zee Music

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The sister channel to the popular ZeeTv, ZeeMusic consists of high-quality music videos and songs. They post both the old and recent hits. This channel has around 40million subscribers.

  1. SAAB TV

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SAAB TV is a news station turned Youtube channel. It features the most important news and happenings inside the country and around the globe. Their videos are extremely informative and they do have frequent live streams so you get the news as quickly as possible. They have around 26 million subscribers.

The most-watched Youtube videos

Believe it or not, more than 10 videos made in India have reached over 1 billion views by now! The most popular one is probably the „Johny Johny Yes Papa“, which has about 1.7 billion views. It’s made by the popular children’s channel Chu Chu TV. What you might not know is that Chu Chu TV has two more videos that have over one billion views! The first one is the „Phonics Song with Two Words“ which is also the most viewed one with 2.8 billion views. The second one is „Surprise Eggs Nursery Rhymes“ with an astounding 1.1 billion views!

Other than Chu Chu Tv, there is the Kiddiestv Hindi with their „Humpty the train on a fruits ride“ (1.8 billion views), and Jingle Toons with their „Lakdi ki Kathi“ (1.5 billion views).

Besides children’s content channels, a lot of other YouTube channels from India have surpassed the 1 billion view count. There is the „Laung Laachi“ music video posted via the T-series Apna Punjab youtube channel and the „Hanuman Chalisa“ by Gulshan Kumar & Hariharan and via T-Series.

The conclusion

Indian Youtube is growing its influence and reach very quickly. There Youtube is mostly used for watching TV shows and listening to music. Their most popular videos are mostly done by children nursery rhyme channels, but their individual content creators are becoming extremely popular as well.

All in all, it is a very interesting phenomenon that will keep on influencing tons of Youtube trends in the near future.