How Lockdown Effects on the Gaming Industry – 2024 Review

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Corona Virus has pushed the planet to the lockdown. Every country in the world is suffering from Covid-19, and they are shutting down their cities and other establishments to get relief from the impact of this deadly virus. This lockdown comes with several trillion dollars lost for the world economy. Each and every sector of the world is suffering from this lockdown, and they are suffering miserably due to this lockdown.

If someone will talk about the gaming industry, it is also suffering heavily from the Coronavirus. A huge number of viewers are living without watching their preferred games, and it comes with losing in billions for the organizers. In this article, we are going to discuss how lockdown has affected the gaming industry.

Not Able to Arrange Huge Matches

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There are a number of huge tournaments that get stopped due to the lockdown. The main way to beat the Corona Virus is to maintain social distancing. Sports organizers have taken this formula seriously. They are not organizing any kind of big tournaments that may attract maximum people, and in this way, there will be no fear of spreading this pandemic. However, this kind of lockdown comes with a heavy loss for the organizers. There are a number of famous and popular tournaments that have been called off due to this lockdown.

We all are living in uncertainty, and the entire is now popularly altered. However, there some sectors have been losing very badly, and some other sectors are getting benefits from this lockdown. According to estimation, Global Gaming is an almost $149 billion industry, and mobile gaming is posing almost 68% of the entire gaming industry. It is growing very rapidly and is set to overtake in the near future.

Video Game Industry is on a Spike

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Maximum people are forced to stay inside, and they are getting addicted to indoor life. Most of them are returning to video games as the main means to beat the stress of locking inside the home. In this way, when different industries are suffering from lockdown and down in sales, the video game industry is thriving. At the present time, it has been recorded that, video game industry has increased by almost 115% in these lockdown days. There are a number of online game platforms, and live streaming services continue to properly cross their own record.

During the time of stress and forced locking down, the immersive and social nature of the games can particularly bring people together, which is not possible with another medium. According to Verizon, the number of video game users in the USA has increased by up to 75% in comparison to other days. The same thing happens on the gaming streaming on social media, and this is the main reason for which the online gaming industry is coming with maximum increment, which wouldn’t be possible without lockdown.

While time comes to think about China, the average weekly download of the games or apps have increased to almost 40% in the first two weeks of February. Daily use of games increased by 40 percent, and it has added 159 minutes to daily lives. According to that report, the Honor of Kings has achieved a new record up to 150M DAUs. In the same way, different games have achieved their own parameters, respectively.

Increment of Users for Online Casinos

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In the same way as an online game, there is a surge of users for online casinos too. These casinos are experiencing an expanded user base compared to other days. This is the main reason for which people around the world are getting involved with these online activities. An online casino site like is experiencing a huge increment of the users during this lockdown. There is an increasing desire to get the maximum value of the price for the entertainment in these games.

A Sharp Decrease in Outdoor Games

Outdoor games have suffered a lot, unlike others. These games were once the main source of entertainment for the people, and they have also generated revenues compared to others. At the present time, these kinds of activities are completely stopped, and the revenue generation has stalled. The substitute demand for gaming is continuously reducing, and people around the world are addicting themselves to make all these things closer.

If someone digs deeper, he can find that the impact of the virus is much bigger than others and this sector is much more complex and heavily benefiting from the different areas of the industry while leaving different parts of the struggle. Though it will take some time to think about the estimation, the main benefit will be the online gaming industry. It is going ahead, and maximum people are getting involved in different games. There are a number of online game producers that come with different games, and they do make the lockdown pleasurable for the people.

On the other hand, the global supply chain disruptions will impact heavily on console sales, which have been given by China, which was a major supplier. As there is a huge disruption in the manufacturing and sales of smartphones, the mobile gaming industry is stalled, and it will take a pick in the coming days.

What Will Happen to the Gaming Industry?

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Online activities have been increased during this lockdown, and in the same consent, it would be great to come with all these online games that are making something more precious in the form of entertainment.

It is true that the extended period of social distancing may result in losing the productivity of games and companies are much better prepared compared to other entertainment industries. There are a number of products that have been reported for making things better, and it will always be the best way forward that would make the gaming industry flourish in the wake-up Corona Virus lockdown.

It has come with new opportunities for the budding gaming companies to develop their games and to participate with the growing gaming industry in the world. Finally, the future of the gaming industry will start after the lockdown.