Moving Out for the First Time Checklist – 2024 Guide

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We know where well that moving out for the first time is a tough decision. This especially counts if you are moving out of your family house. There can be various reasons why you need to do that. For instance, you got married, you started to go to a college in another town, got a job in another town, etc.

Still, the reason why you are moving out is irrelevant this time. It does not change the entire moving out process. You all have the same duties that you need to accomplish before going to your new home. That’s why it would be better to make a checklist before that day comes.

Before we start, we would want to give you one additional tip. Do not wait for the last week to make the checklist. The smartest time to do that would be 1 month before you plan to move out. For some things, you will have to wait for a longer time. Despite that, it is always good to ensure enough space if something bad happens.

So, let’s see together which things you should do before moving out for the first time.

Prepare Boxes in Advance

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We believe there will be a truck waiting for you in front of your house. However, you will need boxes to place all the items from your house. Still, we have noticed that people are usually not completely prepared for this. When the day comes, they usually have a problem with the lack of boxes. That will spend more of your time and it will bring you some additional costs.

Sit down and write on a piece of paper which things you need to bring with yourself. Try to figure out how many boxes will be enough to put all those items. If you are sure exactly, it would be better to prepare more of them than you expect. In this way, you will be sure there won’t be any problems.

Get One Bag for Important Essentials

This is extremely important for every person. We assume you are holding some important documents at home. They can be associated with your job, life insurance, etc. Logically, you will need these documents in every moment. That’s why you need to put them in one special place. It will allow you in every moment to know where they are. Moving out is a messy process and it needs time to put things in the right place at your new home.

Find a Reliable Moving Company

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Indeed, you can always organize alone. However, it can be a stressful process for everyone. You primarily need to ensure that you have a truck. However, we assume that the only vehicle that you have is a car. So, you will need to rent one. After that, you will need to organize friends and family members to put items in that truck. Once again you will need to through the whole process when you move things from the truck and place them in your new home.

Why would you stress yourself when you can hire a moving company? However, not every moving company would be a good choice. You need to find those that are near you, respect the deadlines, ensure the safeness of your items, etc. We will make the research process easier for you. We invite you to check and see which options you have.

Cancel/Update Utility Suppliers

Okay, this is one of the reasons why we told you to start making this checklist one month ago. There are gas, phone, electricity, and broadband suppliers that you need to notify that you are moving to another address. This is something you will have to do a few weeks in advance.

Our recommendation is to put all the utilities you are currently paying for on a piece of paper. Logically, you won’t cancel all of them, but you will have to update them. More precisely, you will need to change the address and expected start day.

On the other hand, for the utilities that you will completely cancel, you need to give the precise date of cancellation.

Hire a Cleaning Company

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This is another thing that you can do completely alone. However, additional stress is something you have to prepare for. Yet, we recommend you hire a cleaning company. In that way, you will save your nerves and time. Despite that, it is not something that will take you a fortune.

Logically, before you hire one, check the reviews of the previous clients. That will give you the answer if the current company is good for you or not.

Get New Household Essentials

Okay, moving to another house already brings many costs. This doesn’t mean you will buy a new fridge, furniture or tables/chairs. However, there are some things that you can refresh. More precisely, moving to a new home is a good moment to get the new household essentials. This includes items like trash cans, brooms, and shower curtains. These things we all need to have at home.

All these items won’t be in the best condition forever. That’s why it is recommendable to change them once in a shorter period. Still, the more important thing is that you do not have to bring them with yourself. That will help you reduce the number of boxes that you have to prepare.

Research the New Area

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You need to split one day to research your new neighborhood. This will help you adapt as soon as possible to the new environment. You can check where is the nearest store, bank, gas station, etc. These are things that we need almost every day. Despite that, if you are not shy, it would be great if you meet with your new neighbors. You can ask them to help you until you get used to the new place. This can be crucial if you moved to another town or another country. In these cases, you will need help for sure.

Bonus Tip: Don’t Forget the Party

Moving to another place for the first time is a big thing. Even if you are moving out alone, this is a big thing. That’s why you should celebrate that with friends and families. Invite them all when you move to your new apartment/house and make a party. Try not to make a lot of mess because you just cleaned everything. We believe double work is something you would not like to have.