Moving to Daly City – Pros and Cons of the City

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San Francisco Bay Area has united many cities and one of the destinations that are often chosen by people who want to reside in California is Daly City. Having received its name in honor of a prosperous businessman, John Donald Daly, now it is a fast-growing city with the population that has already beaten a 100,000 threshold. The total area of the city located in San Mateo County is about 20 square kilometers but there are multiple neighborhoods and unincorporated areas on this territory.

Living in Daly City is similar to living in San Francisco, so most of the pros and cons coincide. When it comes to the advantages of living in Daly City, it is possible to remember the following ones:

  • Climate

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The Bay Area features an almost perfect Mediterranean climate with summers that are not that hot thanks to the oceanic breeze and mild winters with not much precipitation. It means that you can feel great all year round. The only negative feature is possible foggy days in spring and at the beginning of summer.

  • Median income

When it comes to earnings, the median household income in the city is $79,346. It is 43% higher than the national average.

  • Amenities

There is no need to go anywhere else from Daly City since almost everything can be found here. There are a variety of stores and supermarkets, coffee shops, cafes, and restaurants. Sports lovers will appreciate several golf courses, paragliding and hang gliding opportunities. There are two public swimming pools and a possibility to join dolphins for a swim as well as 3 great shopping meccas that will not leave you indifferent.

  • Entertainment

If you think that Daly City is not meant for fun, it is a great mistake. It is a charming destination with luxurious beaches and breathtaking mountains where dozens of outdoor activities are available all year round.

However, if you enjoy more contemporary ways of entertainment, it is possible to visit a variety of events taking place in the Cow Palace, a huge arena used as a venue, or head for Thornton Beach State Park and enjoy the beauty of nature.

You can diversify your meals eating foods offered at Off The Grid traveling market or play bowling at Classic Bowling Center, take up horse riding at Mar Vista Stables or hike in the premium San Bruno Mountain State Park.

  • Crime rate

Daly City is a relatively safe place to live. Of course, it is impossible to state that there are no crimes at all there, but the number of reported crimes is lower than in California or around the country. In fact, the number of violent crimes is 50% lower than the total number in the state, and general crime rates are 36% lower than national data.

  • High walkability rate

Many citizens of the city prefer walking and bike riding to public transportation. Therefore, if the bike score is only 41 in Daly City, the walkability score reaches 88 points. It is key to a healthy lifestyle and an excellent mood!

  • Lower poverty rate

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When you arrive in Daly City, you can see a much lower number of poor people strolling along the streets. The reason for that is the fact that the poverty rate in Daly City us 41% lower than the national one and almost twice lower than one in California.

At the same time, there are also things to consider before moving. You can check for more details here. In spite of the great benefits it offers, there are reasons that make you think twice if this city is the best choice for living.

  • Cost of living

Daly City can be hardly called affordable one like the rest of the San Francisco Bay Area. Living here is much more expensive compared not only with a national average but also with other US states. The overall cost of living index is 79% higher than the national one. You may argue that housing impacts it greatly, but the rest of the indexes including groceries, healthcare, transportation, utilities, goods, and services are also higher by about 30%.

  • Housing and rent

Undoubtedly, Daly City features very expensive housing. It is almost three times more expensive than all around the US on average. The median home price is $611,800, while the median rent asked is about $1,700. It is also worth mentioning that only 55% of housing in Daly City is occupied by owners, the rest is given for rent.

  • High population density

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Daly City is densely-populated since there are over 13,813 people per square mile. It means that residing there reminds me of living in the ant house where it is almost impossible to stay alone. Moreover, there is a high percentage of the Hispanic population due to the proximity of Mexico.

  • Higher unemployment rate

If to consider that a job market increase was only 1.3% last year and the unemployment rate in the city is about 5.1% (more than around the US), Daly City can’t be considered a place with excellent employment opportunities.

  • Traffic

It is possible only to imagine what heavy traffic there is in Daly City in rush hours. Of course, the average commute time to San Francisco is about 30.5 minutes thanks to the primary transportation corridor that stretches through the city. But there is a negative side of this fact too – this city features one of the highest transit ridership, so a good deal of your life can be spent in long traffic jams too.

Daly City attracts many people due to its proximity to San Francisco. There are many benefits of living in this city, but it is also important to analyze all the challenges awaiting you before you make a final decision to move to it.