Must-Have Home Additions to Stay Healthy at Home 2024

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While we are all trying to stay home as much as possible due to the recent pandemic, our homes must be a healthy space. With the dust, debris, chemicals, and pollutants that fill our homes, there are other ways of keeping your place safe. Our must-haves will show ways in which you can improve the air quality within your abode.

Clean Diet

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During the pandemic, some of us have suffered from boredom. When it comes to what we eat, we often choose something unhealthy. While at home, it is easy to grab snacks or not make enough effort to maintain a healthy diet. Also, working from home means you don’t have to prepare lunch for the next day and so you might order out. However, the time has come to change our ways by choosing more greens and proteins. Drinking more water has shown to help you eat less. Often we think we are hungry, and we are really just thirsty. If, making the change from soda to water is difficult, add in some fruit for extra vitamins, minerals, and great taste. Another thing we should all be doing is getting in much-needed exercise. Exercising is good for our bodies and our mental state.

Food and exercise are just the beginning of getting on track to a healthier lifestyle. With all the dust, debris, pollutants in our homes, it can cause a multitude of issues. Pets are lovely to have around, but their dander sticks to surfaces, causing us to breathe in contaminated air. An unclean clean home with reduced quality air even begins to affect our sleeping patterns. Once you get into a habit of not sleeping, while you are awake, you start reaching for caffeine and snacks to give you the energy to keep going.

Air Filters for Cleaner Air

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In the months where the weather is fair, it’s time to open all the windows and let the natural breeze clean our indoor air. Many of our household products do a great job at cleaning, but they pollute the air we breathe. When we imagine a polluted area, we often think of factories and busy roads. However, our homes have been known to be worse than a built-up city. Once you open the window and you see the natural beauty from outside, you feel energized. Allowing your linens to dry outdoors will also leave the pollutants from the fabric softeners outside.

For the months that opening the windows is not an option, it’s time to review your air filters. Filters are more than just a piece of cloth that makes up your HVAC system. The filter can affect whether you will sleep well or not. Also, it can improve allergies and asthma symptoms. By having the correct filter, you clean the air from dust, dander, household chemicals, leaving you with good quality air circulating your home. For the best results, the filters should be changed every month. If you have a family member with allergies or asthma, some even suggest bi-weekly.

Indoor Cheap Features

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Another must-have for your home is so simple if you don’t own one, you will want to invest in one: a shoe rack, Leave it at the door, and the shoes stay there, meaning no dirt comes into the house. If you have children, they usually spend a large amount of time playing on the floor, and that way, it is safe for them to play.

Next on the list is a water filter. You should install filters for all the taps around your home. Alternatively, you could buy water jug filters, which need to be changed every three months. Filtered water is much healthier as it removes any chemicals.

Green Household Products

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Going for branded household cleaning products is something most of us do. We know it works, and we do not think about what’s inside. Cleaning products do clean, though they contain very harmful chemicals. These chemicals cause headaches and are quite harsh on our skin. Opting for a greener product does the same job and has natural ingredients, making them a safer choice.

HEPA Vacuum

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If your family members have allergies or asthma, a HEPA vacuum is definitely for you. With their filter, some brands offer a 99.97% removal of particles, which means fewer symptoms for both asthma and allergies. By vacuuming regularly, you ensure your house is cleaner and has better air quality.

Decorating With Less Voc

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Sometimes we want a change, or we suddenly get an impulse to change our wall color. By choosing a low or no volatile organic compounds (VOC) will mean your paint is healthier, and you won’t be taking in all those fumes.

Carpets are great because of the choice of colors and the many different styles. However, aside from the fact they are aesthetically pleasing, they also cause dirt, dust mites, and mold that can difficult to remove. Buying hardwood floors and placing area rugs makes a difference. Hardwood floors are easy to clean, remove dust, and maintain. With area rugs, you wash them, dry them outside, and put them back.

When buying new furniture, check what type of wood it has. Solid wood and natural material should be your option of choice. Certain woods, such as MDF, contain strong chemicals that go into the air and pollute it.


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We need to emphasize the same amount of worry for our minds that focus on our homes. Creating an organized home means that clutter will not be stressing you out. Your home should be peaceful and a place you associate with feeling calm. Placing art around your home creates beautiful views. Of course, if you own a garden, make sure you see it, as the outside can help you feel relaxed.

To begin your journey for a healthier lifestyle invest in a filter for your home today. Start by getting rid of all those toxins and bring in clean air. Learn more about the MERV, MPR, and a different filter here: