NBA Youngboy’s Other Girl Says She Won’t Be “Sister Wife” With Yaya Mayweather

Image source: Instagram TheShadeRoom

Last night NBA Youngboy was sharing a couple of Instagram Stories where a lady friend was seen in the background who apparently is not his girl, Yaya Mayweather. Yet, Yaya Mayweather tweeted otherwise, claiming to be in the two Instagram Stories.

Image source: Instagram/TheShadeRoom

The Shade Room got their hands on NBA Youngboy’s video clips, and they quickly spread across the internet, forcing Yaya to respond: “That was me in both videos on his story ain’t no ‘Yaya there too’ let’s be very clear Yaya been here and the ONLY one that’s here down”.

Image source: Instagram/TheShadeRoom

The mysterious girl shared a couple of IG Stories in response to the headlines, which were captured by TSR.