Nicki Minaj: “Dark-skinned Women Have To Work Harder”

Image source: Instagram

Nicki Minaj sat down for the premiering episode of “Big Fendi Podcast” hosted by her former manager Big Fendi. During the conversation, the topic of color came up when Big Fendi said: “You set a bar for brown-skinned chicks”. Minaj was thinking for a sec, and replied genuinely: “Dark-skinned and brown-skinned women have to work harder in any field”.

Image source: BigFendiPodcast/YouTube

“Just like how I feel being a Black woman, you know, if a white woman and me was going into the same job at Wall Street, I feel like I wouldn’t get the job off the rip just because of me being black”, the Grammy-nominated rapper continued.

Image source: Instagram

She continued: “I feel like, now, it’s changing. I feel like a lot of people are making it their business to be like ‘melanin’- that trend is very much happening right now, which I love”, the 37-year old commented.