Online Employee Training: An Essential Startup Investment

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Employees who are trained better, performed better! Utilize employee training to make sure the team members are contributing their best to your organization. The upcoming generation demands better methods for training programs. You understand the learning and development value for your team members. You must have heard about building a culture of learning and how eLearning can support improvised results, inherit good employee engagement, and strive for your organization’s success.

While big organizations normally have established training courses, startups owners often give little or maybe no training to their workforce at all. Whether you are operating a multinational company with employees scattred globally or a small business started a few months ago in a room or garage with two employees, training is essential.

With a right LMS, training is affordable to even a startup and helps the startups owner to save valuable time and money to engage in other things for which you started the business in the first place.

Startups need to invest in customized online employee training programs to communicate the expectation, mission, values, goals, and more. Gen Z said to be tech-savvy than Gen X or baby boomers, and expects high-tech training facilities to be provided by the company. Click here for the effective online training software is as essential as the training content. Failing to train from day one can be costly in 3 major areas:

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  • Productivity: According to co-founder of Intel, Andy Grove, “training is the part of managerial activity which provides you immense leverage”, just because you have invested ample time and resources in recruiting and getting onboard the best candidates does not mean they will contribute at their highest. In fact, if you are aware of productivity, you might get surprised. They might be under-performing because they are not clear about what needs to be done. With strong online training software, training programs allow employees to get a better opportunity to easily soak up the tasks that need to be done and are more likely to deliver high-quality work.
  • Retention: Author of the Hard Thing About Hard Things: Building A Business When There Are No Easy Answer, Ben Horowitz, reminds us of either we invest time training our employees recruited with such time and patience, or we lose them as they want to move on in there career for development which they are not getting in your organization. When an employee doesn’t know what they are expected to do they tend to get frustrated. A career oriented employee wants to grow and hone their skills while facing new challenges. Especially if you are a startup, getting onboard great talent is essential, and to keep them retained to your company, online training is vital.
  • Performance Management: the initial months of setting up the company is intense, and if an employee doesn’t contribute much that you expected, there is a chance to terminate them and start from scratch with a new manager. Time is money! In this process you lost time and money both. If you see this reoccurring, consider whether the hired candidate is given enough training to understand the task you want them to perform. In case you fail to give proper training to employees, there is no way to judge how good or bad they are at their jobs. There is no measuring tool to scale performance, but with online training software you can track the employees performance easily. Poor performance can inhibit the growth of established companies, but can devastate a startup. The time invested on training of employees needs to be taken as an investment towards success. A good online training software can cover a lot of skills and space in relatively less time.

Why develop an employee training course in a startup?

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  1. Bottomline: there is a fundamental body that assists the fact where training is important for the bottomline. In other words, money invested in training programs gives ROI especially in long-term, which is significantly impressive. Startups have a dozen  of employees comparatively to other established companies with hundreds of employees, the prospective advantages of good training is similar. When you invest in your employees career development , the probable return on investment over time is better.
  2. Better productivity: there are no second thoughts, when employees are well versed with latest technologies and software, the job becomes more productive with fewer mistakes or almost no error. This leads to better productivity and liabilities eventually decrease.
  3. Customer services: good training programs in startups provide help in customer services and promote your company as a brand. It is crucial to customer service excellence and brand promotion.
  4. Identify in-house talent: training is important to leverage identify talent within the organization. When you are training, tracking, and monitoring your employees performance and their progress in training courses who already hold skill expertise in specific programs or have hidden talent, you can discover their potential and promote within the organization. Training programs gives leverage talent a better opportunity in startups and small businesses.
  5. Networking: training allows you to get the best out of your huge networking. An amazing side of training is that it can support startup owners get the most out of their network.
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Let us assume that you are in a business of selling security equipment to manufacturing sites, but the manufacturing workers in your area do not entirely appreciate the need  of security products because they do not fully acknowledge the risk associated without it.  By giving training to your potential clients and customers which are your extended network, you get the advantage as well. At the end, if your customer and clientele know the true value of your goods and services, your brand sales are going to rise as a result.


Training in startups is centered on basic skills required to do a job, that is functional training. Along with functional training, management training given to managers to communicate the responsibilities to handle a team, and additional training including everything from creativity to managing finances. With the right online training software employees trained better tend to perform better. Utilize employee training to make sure the team members are contributing their best to your organization.