What’s Holding Back Online Gambling in India – 2024 Review

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More and more online casinos are now offering special bonuses, promotions, and offers just for Indian players. Most of those support INR as a currency and even have Indian themes at the casino. Still, online gambling in India is a bit “slow.” It definitely doesn’t use the potential it has. Why is this the case? Let’s answer it below.

Gambling laws in India

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One of the most probable reasons is the law. According to Gaming Enactments law, all gambling that involves slots, blackjack, and roulette is banned. In general, this applies to the entire country. Keep in mind that the law refers to online and land casinos games. There are a few differences. States such as Sikkim, Diu, Daman, and Goa control land based casinos. In these states, slots, blackjack, and roulette games can be played.

The laws we have mentioned above do not affect Poker. According to the definition, Poker is a game of skill, and as such, it has different laws. This means that it isn’t covered by Gaming Enactments law and that it isn’t regulated at all.

Other forms of gambling are mostly banned though the country. This refers to Lottery games and also sports betting. Keep in consideration that Sikkim state does allow sports betting in online form. Other states don’t. Bingo games are banned as well.

Now, the thing with these laws isn’t as generic as you may believe. They are regulated, but these are not ” must obey laws” at all cost. In essence, online gambling is possible in all the states and there are no a single player who ended up in jail for gambling. On the other side we believe that most Indian players are aware of this and they simply do not want to break the law. It is the main reason why gambling here is a bit limited.

Try to remember that you need to play at a casino that supports Indian players. You will then get special bonuses, be able to use payment methods that you like and so much more. Some casinos may still be limited in this case scenario, but most of them will soon remove the limits and allow all their offers to the players.

Limited payment methods

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Although this was the biggest obstacle, it is improving as we speak. However, many players don’t know the details and they believe that making deposits and withdrawing the winnings is impossible in India.

Here, players mostly use Skrill and Neteller. Many want to use debit cards but those transactions may fail and as such you will have to use another method. All of that takes time and can make gambling a bit more complicated.

A while back, bank transfers rarely worked so gambling in this case scenario was impossible. You had to use a payment method as we have stated above and this limits the possibilities. After all, you must use a method that is supported by the casino and the country. Without many options, we can deduce that this was a huge problem for Indian gamblers. The issue refers to casino games and also sports betting.

Today, the situation is different. Almost all casinos offer multiple payment methods. And as said on casinohex.in, you can easily find instank bank transfer casinos sites in India, and the country will allow the transactions. There are no significant issues and gamblers can use the same methods as those in other parts of the globe. Mobile payments are extremely popular and they will continue to rise. In addition, mobile users in the country have been raising by an impressive rate. It is also the most commonly used medium for online gambling, sports betting, and for using the internet in general.

Gambling popularity is rising as we speak

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Although at the moment gambling in India is limited, it won’t be like that for very long. As we have mentioned at the beginning, more casinos are offering special bonuses, and they support INR currency. This simply means that more and more gamblers will want to explore the apparent advantages and play longer and also with better odds.

The industry in India has been growing by 20% per year, meaning more and more people have a steady job, better income, and overall financial security. In other words, most people now can enjoy gambling more than ever before, and they can afford it without a single problem.

Some projections claim that the industry will reach $1 billion in value by the end of 2024. We agree with that claim and we can add that once this industry starts to develop, it will become one of the most spectacular and special industries in the country and the one with extreme value.

India should legalize gambling

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At the moment there are no details or specific regarding this matter. All we can say is that yes, India should legalize gambling and allow the local gamblers to enjoy this form of playing games as quickly as possible. However, there is one thing we must add.

Unofficially, India is planning to legalize gambling in the online form. There will be 3 different licenses for gambling providers and each one of them will be able to choose the license he prefers. This will transform the gambling industry in the country and will offer impressive possibilities. There won’t be limits there.

Although legalized, online casinos won’t be able to promote their content and their offers to the general public. This will remain prohibited by the country. We all know that casinos will find a way to contact potential gamblers and they will probably use all allowed options and something even more.

All we can summarize at the moment is obvious. Gambling in India is prohibited but also popular, not as much as we would like to see in a big country like this. But, there is a bright side. India will legalize gambling in the future. There are massive improvements, and there are many gamblers who wait for this advantage. Any time soon, you will be able to enjoy gambling completely, without any issues or problems.