3 Online Games for the Festive Season – 2024 Guide

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The festive season is approaching and this might be one of the strangest Christmases we’ve ever experienced, as a consequence of social distancing and movement restrictions in place in most countries of the world. The global pandemic of coronavirus threatens to change the whole concept of our lives, due to the strange requirements governments impose on their citizens, in order to prevent unconditional contacts that can lead to the further spreading of the virus.

The Coronavirus emergency has moved many daily activities online, pushing people to work, shop, and entertain themselves from the screens of their computers. Even though this concept was pretty popular long before coronavirus wasn’t even mentioned, it should be said that the current conditions push people to this way of life. It makes perfect sense to see that the commonest way of entertainment these days comes from online. Plus, we can see that gambling is one of the commonest ways of entertainment.

In this setting, more and more people turned to online gaming for entertainment, registering spikes in activities like role-gaming and simpler scenarios like online slots. Thankfully, there are a lot of different places you can conduct in these kinds of games.

However, not all of them will provide you with all the quality content and without any problems. Naturally, online slots are probably the most popular ones. Among the latter, Megaways slots have been the revelation of 2024, they are now the object of the biggest hype in online video-slots of the past few years.

Christmas is a great opportunity for producers and players alike, the festive season creates a great atmosphere for releasing and trying new games. Of course, they are Xmas-themed games, but not only.

What participants are looking for in this very moment is the spirit of innovation, they want games that enhance the boundaries of tech for creating immersive experiences. Let’s have a look at 3 of those games, which are going to be big hits according to the team of slots experts running the site megawaysslots.com.

1. Slot Vegas Megaquads

This slot has been released by Big Time Gaming, the Australian program provider which invented Megaways Slots. We are surely talking about one of the best-known online games you will be able to play. Therefore, you should take a look at some of the gameplays you can find on different websites.

That way, you will be able to learn more about it before you actually conduct it. This game is just one installment of the Megaquads Slots franchise meaning that it runs on a special slot mechanic.

On the backdrop of the notorious Vegas boulevard, the game is composed of four different mini-slots, each one running separately. We can see that this is a pretty interesting concept that we don’t have the opportunity to see often. Some special features allow for the four games to merge, creating the chance of having more than 10 million ways you can achieve success.

This game is bound to be one of the more popular ones this winter, as it offers huge possibilities for creating big wins and a brand new way of approaching slots gameplay, thanks to the innovative system it is built upon. Therefore, you shouldn’t wait at all, start playing it and you will love it, you can be sure of that.

2. Christmas Carol Megaways

Differently from the game we’ve just talked about, this one is perfect for the X-mas season because of its Christmassy setting. According to various researches, we can see that a lot of people actually like to play some games that emit this kind of vibe during holidays.

Furthermore, we can see that the story behind a game is a pretty interesting one, even though, at first sight, it can look like an average one. The narrative behind the game is A Christmas Carol by Dickens; the story has been already explored in many different ways, in films, games, songs, and comics.

However, this doesn’t mean that this game is not an interesting one. In fact, we can see that the situation is completely the opposite one. This time the three Christmas Ghosts are Visiting old Scrooge in an innovative Christmas video-slot, creating plenty of opportunities for big wins thanks to winning multipliers, cascading reels, and special free spins bonus rounds.

Additional special features, like Feature Buy Button and Ante Bet, increase the chances of triggering extra wins. These features are often described as the most interesting segment of this game, which makes perfect sense since there are a lot of people who participate in it solely for these. So, if you are up for some of the best Christmas vibes and you love to play online slots, be sure to check it out.

3. Twin Spin Megaways

This slot is a real classic, a game that has gained cult status among players worldwide. It shouldn’t come as a surprise since it offers a plethora of fun to its players and it doesn’t have any kind of significant setbacks that could damage the overall experience of the game.

The game is a classic online slot for many years and it has now been re-worked by NetEnt and runs on the ground-breaking Megaways Engine. Due to the whole concept and the nature of the game, we can see that it doesn’t have too much time to get a full glimpse of the game itself and how to play it.

This is great news for players, who can enjoy up to 117.649 winning ways and the fantastic, and exceptional factors they are used to cascading reels, free spins with multipliers, and the famous Twin Reel feature. Twin Spin Megaways is a game that has been present among us for a really long time and it has managed to establish an image for itself that lasts for up to these days.

So, we are not surprised that so many people are interested in playing it, even in this day and age. On top of this explosive mix of familiar and new features, the slot has renovated its looks, with a sharper design and imagery. It is a great pleasure to use it, and experts aren’t surprised to see it climb the ranks of websites you can play, on a worldwide level.

The Bottom Line

Here, we’ve provided you with three online games for the festive season. We are absolutely sure that you will enjoy these. Have fun.