Reasons to Upgrade Your Truck’s Exhaust System in 2024

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A lorry driver loves their trucks and wants to treat it right. Whether you are hauling wood and equipment daily, a camping enthusiast who sleeps in the back of their car to get a better view of the stars, or you bought a truck to change up your style a bit; a well-maintained vehicle is there to serve its owner for as long as it can.

When it comes to truck care and maintenance, the average lorry driver is more concerned about their truck’s engine or tires much of the time. This system is often overlooked even though it is just as important as the engine.

Upgrading your truck’s system has many advantages. An improved system could cause your vehicle to last longer and break down less. It can improve a truck’s performance and prevent the engine from degrading too quickly.

In the section of this article below, we will discuss the various reasons why you might need to upgrade your truck’s system. Compared to the standard your vehicle came with, an upgrade system can improve your truck’s performance, mileage, noise levels, and divert stress from the engine.

  1. Your vehicles current exhaust is known to develop corrosion

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Corrosion is when chemical or weathering breaks down the metal and causes it to rust. Rusted pipes are dangerous as they can burst or break while you are driving. If you know that the type of lorry you own can rust from the inside, then you know that your truck’s engine can leak water in the fuel method.

If you want to keep your current lorry, but you have decided to replace the structure, then you will be ahead of the problem. An upgrade to a stainless-steel exhaust will not only give you peace of mind, but it will protect your money since you won’t have to deal with a rusted exhaust that will cause you to lose money.

  1. Your current exhaust is too loud

When your truck’s exhaust is too loud, it means either the truck’s manufacturer selected a cheap method to capitalize on profitability or there is already a leak or a hole in the muffler. If there is damage to the muffler, the cost can lower your lorry`s mpg performance and cause a smelly leak within the body of the car; in addition to generating excess noise.

Note: not all structures comes with a muffler, so if you decide to take out your truck’s muffler along with the system, make sure you are buying a new policy with a muffler included. Also, many methods have the option to add a muffler.

  1. The engine is not as powerful as its specs indicate it could be

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The wrong type of exhaust can stifle your truck’s engine and prevent it from using its full potential. When you replace your truck’s current exhaust with the one that has more extensive piping, it allows faster airflow away from the engine. As a result, the driver can use more power for a long time without overheating.

  1. Your exhaust system is stifling your truck’s fuel efficiency.

It may be counterintuitive to spend money to save money, but when it comes to battling the prices at the pump, every extra advantage you get to squeeze out of your lorry counts. When upgrading to a better method, the average truck’s mpg saw an increase of 2 extra miles per gallon. If you have a 12-gallon tank, that is an increase of 24 miles. Most individuals work with 25 miles of their home so that the upgrade could add an extra trip to or from work.

Our picks for the best exhaust systems

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One of the best structures for a lorry in 2024 is the Magna Flow Exhaust System. Crafted with stainless steel and lines with It already has a built-in muffler to reduce noise pollution and reduce engine vibrations. It is crafted and test to pass smog tests in all 50 U.S. states, so you can rely on its system when your truck’s smog test happens.

There are two types of this structure: one for gasoline and one for diesel. The Magna Flow system comes in three different models: Magnaflow, Pro, and XL series. Back by a lifetime warranty, it is no question why the MagnaFlow is one of the best techniques on the market in 2024.

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Another of our picks for the best system we have tested is the Heartthrob System. The Heartthrob system is forged from aluminized steel. It comes in several shapes and styles so you can find an option no matter what type of lorry you have. Design with full pipes, it can divert heat away from the engine faster than a standard manufacturer’s exhaust.

The more full pipes make it a perfect system to prevent your engine from overheating. There is a muffler-less option available too. A 1-year warranty backs the Heartthrob system, and customer service is open Monday through Friday or via email. The contact information is on their main website. Want more recommendations for the best exhaust systems? Click here.

What to take away from this article

When it comes to the performance of your truck’s exhaust, you should think about long term reliability and cost of maintenance. A car with an underperforming exhaust can, at best, cost you time and money to fix and handle. At worst, it can destroy your lorry and give you brain damage or even kill you with an exhaust leak.

If you don’t have an exhaust problem now, then check your exhaust model and research on the types of issues that are common to your truck’s exhaust. If the car manufacturer chose to install an underperforming system in their vehicles, then it is best to start searching for better quality exhaust and schedule an appointment to replace it. A well-maintained lorry can last for 15 years, so investing in your vehicle is to keep a reliable mode of transportation in your life.