Playing Online Slots in Singapore: 9 Tips

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To be honest about it, there are online slots out there. After all, online slots, of all the casino games available, are the quickest ones to understand and play.

Learning the hang of an online slot can take just a few minutes.

When it comes to online slots, Singapore has the best to offer. Casinos like 12Play have the best options. A look at the top online slots in the Garden City shows that playing with them is fairly simple. To begin playing, a player just needs to do is placing his or her bet. How? By putting an appropriate virtual coin in the game’s slot machine. In most cases, you typically bet between one and three coins.

Some online slots may even let players bet as high as 10 virtual coins, or even more. The number of virtual coins is crucial, as some slot games give players the biggest jackpots if they are only betting the highest number of virtual coins.

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The next step players need to do in order to start the game is they click the button or pull an arm they can see near the side of the online slot. Then players just need to wait and see if they actually won.

Regardless of the online casino slot machine players pick, the objective of slots remains the same: to get the various symbols (such as liberty balls or diamonds) to be on the payline based on the winning combinations that are listed on the slot’s pay table. For instance, three bars in a row may give the player 20 to one. Or in others, three cherries listed in a row may give players three to one.

Sometimes, a slot machine offers its own pay table so players must pay attention to it.

There are some slot games that have three to five paylines, or sometimes give payments on the diagonal. If you have a hard time, you can try and look for a “help” button of the casino software.

Here are 9 slot tips out there for those interested.

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1. Maximize “no deposit” bonuses

Treat “no deposit” bonuses as basically free money. If you get one after signing up, you have to take advantage of it as this will lead to higher chances of you playing online slots without costing you a penny. This gives you a chance to get real money.

If you have clinched a huge win, you may need to make a deposit before you are able cash out the winnings.

2. Check out the competition

Competition among online sites with the objective of tapping new players is common but you can use it to your advantage. Competing online slots offer users free spins or casino bonuses just to keep you on their site. More information you can find at

3. Find out the game developer

You might not have considered this, but looking for a game developer can spell a huge difference to one’s game session. Think of this: just like shoes from Nike are different from those of Reebok, slot games can differ in quality from one developer to another.

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4. Find out which slots are actually worth it

If you noticed you have not been winning from a slot website you have been playing for a long period, then you may want to move on. Some slots offer higher winnings compared with other sites.

5. Learn more about local and network jackpots

In online slots, jackpots come in two types: local and network ones. Local jackpots usually refer to a jackpot given by a certain casino. That means, the winning is derived from players who are in that specific game. Local jackpots vary among casinos.

A network jackpot is one that pools the money of players from online casinos participating in the game.

A network or progressive jackpot is a jackpot that gets money from players from those various participating online casinos.  The games usually come in various multi-slot forms, with online casinos teaming up together to bring players a mega jackpot.

Because internet gambling sites are not created equally, and with slot machines offering various rates, it is recommended that you first do and try a local jackpot.

Although a local jackpot could be smaller, you may end up getting a jackpot compared with a network one, especially when you are playing with a lot of competitors.

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6. Free spins

Take advantage of the free spins offered by online slots. Free spins are a good method to test the waters of the game. If you are a new player, you can use free spins as a way of learning more about the game.

7. Bet properly

Many internet gaming websites recommend players to “bet max.” The rationale is: When you place a maximum bet, even if you place on all the slots, you can still win big.

However, betting max would not result in the boost of your odds. You can still play at minimum bet and win on a slot game.

Remember to play your games within the budget that you set. You have to set limits to make sure you would gamble responsibly.

8. Do not forget to check the pay tables

Do you research about the games before playing them and spending money? Online slots offer various paytables and thus have different variations.

Knowing and researching about your slots that you would pick can definitely increase your bankroll dramatically.

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9. Look for bonus offers

Again, take advantage of the bonus offers of slot games. Make sure you read emails or text messages given by the internet gaming sites, as some of the offers they give can be generous.

In conclusion, it is really important that you have to familiarize yourself thoroughly with how online slot machines work. By applying this way, you can know more about the game, you would know how to understand and play your game.

Do not forget to stay within your budget. Walk away when you have won already before you lost any money.

Lastly, have fun using the different features of the online slots and modern videos they offer.