Can You Make Money Through Online Gambling in Singapore? Seven Tips You Should Follow

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In truth, there are many casinos all around the world.

But if you are really interested in online gambling, Singapore has a lot to offer. You can easily make money through online gambling in the Garden City.

In that city-state, there are online casino sites that are licensed, harnessing the latest technology, offering a lot of games, offering user-friendly features, and often offering customer support desks that are efficient and available all the time. One of them is Enjoy11.

So, how do you earn money using online gambling in Singapore? Here are seven tips.

Tip 1: Choose a Game You Like and Comfortable With

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Singapore offers a lot of various gaming sites to their customers, especially with the advent of the internet as well as smartphones.

When you are checking out a casino site that offers various different games, you may be tempted to select a game that you may have not played previously. Now, wagering in a game you have not played before would be an egregious mistake a player like you can make.

A good rule of thumb is: Do not wager your money, no matter how small or big it is, on a game or games that you have actually not played previously.

As much as possible, you should invest time to get more information about a game that you would like to wager your money on. Getting more information gives you more idea of how you can win – or lose – on a game. Do not try a new online game without researching. You should gather more information about the rules, or if possible, play some rounds of the game first using its demo version.

When you feel you are already confident about a certain game, then it is time you can try it using real money.

But if not, try out the demo version first before the real-money one. You can use the site as a way of practicing without actually risking real money.

Tip 2: Select Lower Odds

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Another tip to earn money in online gambling in Singapore is to select lower odds. Gambling odds just means the number of winning chances a player has while he is playing a game. In most instances, games that offer higher odds can give you winnings more often. However, the payout amount can be lesser. This setup is relatively normal in the industry: games offering higher odds with more frequent winnings may lead to limited amounts. After all, these winnings are just the wagered money of players.

If a game has not resulted in winnings for a period of time, then it will naturally result in a bigger amount when it comes to winnings. Thus, a game that contains such a behavior is a game considered with having lower odds.

Therefore, if you want to get life-changing winnings without the need to spend time and effort when it comes to several bets, selecting a good online gambling site or game would a be a good option for you.

Tip 3: High Volatility, the Better

For the more experienced online gamer, a game that offers high volatility usually offers bigger payouts. Gamblers, especially those who are more experienced, usually go with games offering high volatility – although this is a risky option. In some cases, despite the risk consideration, they can get more winnings. Selecting a gambling game with high volatility depends on how immediately you want to get significant winnings as well as your winning expectation especially during a playing session.

Tip 4: Pay More but Try and Spend Less

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If you can summarize gambling, it is about this: Staking low while at the same time winning big.

Look for a website that offers good bonuses that can attract gamers worldwide. For those online gamblers who are already experienced, these bonus offers give them huge advantages, giving them free money to use as they do their games.

In fact, the availability of having bonus offers is one good reason for why online casinos in Singapore remain popular among the gambling players.

Tip 5: Get the Highest Possible Win

Gamers place higher bets in order to attain the highest winning amount as much as possible. This is why, a lot of them go to the online sites Singapore offers to get their profit amounts as much as possible.

If you bet on maximum, gamers may get life-changing winnings without the need to wager on small bets.

Tip 6: Learn When You Need to Stop Playing

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A lot of the experienced gamblers place a winning goal before they even start betting on a certain platform or game. Once they achieved the goal, gamblers start to finish their wagering transactions. This is to start avoiding further losses.

While a lot of people look at gambling as a game of luck, but in most cases, this is not true.

Tip 7: Stick Within Your Budget

You have to play in the budget that you have. Otherwise, you might end up losing more money than you invested. It should not be that way.

No matter what, you should stay stick to the budget that you have. Otherwise, you would be spending more than what you have planned to invest in.

If, by chance, you intend to play more beyond the budget that you have, then it is recommended that you would make small bets compared with large ones. This way, you would be able to manage your losses and get as much profit as possible.

For instance, you have a budget that is $50. As much as possible, stick with it. Do not spend more. You can use $50 at the slot machine, by using $1 to enjoy 50 rounds using the game.


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Online casinos in Singapore can give gamblers a wide array of exciting gambling games or platforms to their customers, thanks to new tech tends that can make these games more enticing.

By applying these tips, you can earn money gambling online at the websites or games offered by Singapore. Have fun!