A Guide to Mail Order Brides: Rates and Statistics

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Individuals have different views when it comes to finding love and a partner in their life, right? Certain people opine that soulmate exists and that they will meet them when it’s meant to be. At the same time, others believe in taking action instead of sitting around and waiting for the right time. By joining mail-order bride services on websites, you can find a partner most suited to you in terms of appearance, interests, values, and other important aspects. Given that it is not the traditional way to find the love of your life, it is in no way less effective than waiting for your cupid’s match.

Many critics might think that international dating is just a myth, but the reality is, mail order marriage statistics look extremely promising, standing in 2024. There are uncountable love stories when strangers from different countries, who met on mail-order bride websites, eventually fell in love and successfully started a family. However, is it normal to question the odds of finding your life partner online? What are the chances that even if you find “the one”, it will last for the rest of your life? We have gathered all the real statistics about mail-order marriages; read on to find out!

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What Is the Actual Success Rate for Mail-Order Brides?

For more than 20 years, the mail-order bride movement has been widespread. Marriages between different nationalities are not unusual in the present world since there are no longer any barriers between people, and it has even become a common practice. According to data from 1997, over 90 agencies were providing these services, with a list of about 25,000 brides. These organizations claim that about 10,000 successful marriages occur each year. At that time, 4,000–5,000 people were also arriving in the US as mail-order brides.

Right now, there is even more desire to find a mate. Respected mail-order bride websites receive over two million visitors each month, yet only about 10,000 marriages occur in the US each year. Thailand, the Philippines, Russia, Ukraine, China, and Vietnam have the most active bride markets. Most of them are young women between the ages of 20 and 28. According to data from dating services, 10% of all brides are successful in finding a spouse each year, and about 50% of them are American men.

This indicates the number of marriages between couples who met through mail-order bride websites.

Statistics Regarding Dating Applications and Internet Services

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Numerous American men view dating apps and mail-order bride services as exemplary and practical methods of finding the perfect companion for a passionate relationship and marriage. On a dating website or app, nearly half of US internet users have either personally met or knew someone who has personally met a potential mail-order wife. A January 2019 survey revealed that 49% of Internet users signed up for various dating apps and thought they were a trustworthy location to look for a romantic companion. Another 20% used dating sites to find non-exclusive partners, and 23% stated they only used them to find partners for sexual activity.

How Many Marriages Via Mail Order Result In Divorce?

Naturally, no family is flawless, and in America, every second marriage ends in divorce. More startling is that mail-order divorce numbers are twice as low as the national average. Families formed in this particular method are stronger since just one-fifth of married couples choose to divorce. Only one in a thousand of the 4,000–6,000 couples who have found one other through mail-order bride websites cannot handle the challenges of cohabitation.

People who choose to find love online worry that it won’t become a serious or long-lasting relationship. This is why you need to consider the cultural quirks, amount of wealth, and popularity of such relationships if you’re curious about how often mail-order marriages result in divorce.

The country itself determines the divorce rate. The countries with the lowest divorce rates are Mexico, Chile, and Colombia. Therefore, a marriage with a mail-order bride from one of these nations is assured to be far more committed. Most international marriages between Americans and foreign women don’t result in divorce in the United States. Compared to newlyweds from the same nation who met offline, mail-order marriages, according to US Citizenship and Immigration Services, are less likely to result in divorce. The final line is that since most women on these platforms are looking for long-term partnerships, it is possible to create a solid marriage through online dating.

Other Important Statistics

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Now that the facts on mail-order marriage are obvious let’s define who looks for love unconventionally. Although representatives from other nations may be there, American males tend to be the more active grooms. These are often men between the ages of 30 and 60 who earn over $100,000 per year. They seek out women who will look after them and nurture them as they age.

Bottom Line

Therefore, mail-order bride platforms allow everyone to find their true love in addition to traditional dating. Certainly, there are no assurances that the person you meet will be your ideal life partner, just like in traditional dating. However, on the other hand, online dating sites let you search for someone who matches your interests, and this procedure won’t take as long as it would in real life. Hence, a lot of people indeed use this opportunity to meet their significant others. In addition, statistics on mail-order marriages show that most unions that result in holy matrimony last for a long time. So it’s worth a shot!