Tips For You: What’s The Right Way To Date Asian Women?


Many American men like Asian women because of their exotic appearance and unique culture. Such marriages have long ceased to be something unusual. Filipino women are the perfect solution for many foreign men as they are excellent wives, housewives, mothers, and lovers.

Features Of Filipino Women

Filipino women are very different from American women. First of all, it has to do with appearance. So, the average height of such girls is 59 – 63 inches. They are much lower than the Americans. In addition, they have the following features:

  • Black hair;
  • Brown eyes;
  • Asian section of the eyes;
  • Small straight nose;
  • Plump cheeks;
  • Charming smile.

In addition, such women are very mentally different from American women. So, they are more submissive, shy, and honest. They obey their man in everything, and they never do anything that can humiliate or discredit him in the eyes of friends or acquaintances. Of course, a woman can tell her husband that she doesn’t like something when you are alone (even children will not hear this).

Filipino women are timid in life. They are very calm and restrain their emotions. You will never see such a girl in a bad mood. However, many men say that all shyness goes away when it comes to sex. In general, the Philippines is a developing country, where the easiest and most reliable way for a girl to overcome business is to work in sex tourism. Many men especially come to this country to try something fundamentally new.

It is also worth mentioning that many girls here become mail order brides precisely to overcome poverty. This movement here is spontaneous, so the country’s authorities even ban it, fearing that all the most beautiful girls would leave. However, this does not stop those who want to meet American men; they have long found ways to get around the ban.

How To Win The Heart Of An Exotic Beauty?


If you want to take a Filipino girl as your wife, you will not have any particular problems. All you have to do is register on one of the dating sites, meet a girl and agree on the marriage. Women here dream of marrying a foreigner.

But, if you want not just to marry a woman but to get her heart, this will require a lot of patience. It should not be rushed. Girls here are used to marrying not for love but by agreement, so they are unwilling to open their hearts to deep feelings.

If you want to make a Filipino girl fall in love with you, you should follow these rules:

  • Take your time, be patient;
  • Don’t make sexual jokes (many girls don’t like being seen as a sexual objects, so jokes like this can turn them off);
  • Tell more about yourself, your achievements and failures, be sincere;
  • Try to find out more about the girl, her hobbies, and desires;
  • Give small but expensive gifts (you need to prove that you can support a family);
  • Speak well of yourself and her family.

Family traditions in the Philippines are very strictly observed. The opinion of the head of the family (the oldest man in the family) is valued above all, so before you marry a girl, you will most likely have to get his blessing. Often, if a father is sure that his daughter is happy next to you, he does not interfere with the marriage. It will be good if you fly to this country to get acquainted with the family of the chosen one. Coming to the house empty-handed is a sign of bad taste, so you should ask the girl in advance what you can give to her family members.

After you take the beauty as your wife, you need to be prepared for the fact that she will ask to transfer some money to her family. Usually, this is not a lot of money, but it will help the girl’s family avoid hunger.

Why Are Filipinas Good Wives?


Many American men talk about how Filipinas make perfect wives. There are several reasons here:

  • Very respectful of their man;
  • Very faithful;
  • Beautiful homemakers;
  • Excellent cook;
  • Take care of the children themselves.

In the Philippines, patriarchy reigns, so girls from an early age are taught to communicate respectfully with men. You will never hear an oblique word from your wife, and they always try to speak tactfully; they choose words to avoid offending anyone.

Traditionally, a married woman in the Philippines cannot be alone with another man unless he is her brother or father. However, a woman is very tolerant of a man’s infidelity. Of course, she can tell him a few words about his infidelity, but she never files for divorce. So, some women are sure that a man’s infidelity, on the contrary, can lead to better relationships, as some men who cheat on their wives become more attentive and soft.

Women are taught from an early age to take care of the home. They love cleanliness and are happy to clean and do laundry. In addition, they cook delicious food. At first, they will pamper you with dishes of their national cuisine, but gradually they will master the recipes of world cuisine and prepare dishes that are more familiar to you.


Women from the Philippines are very fond of children. Often, they take full responsibility for their upbringing. It is worth saying that the principles of raising children may seem a little strange because a woman behaves slightly stricter than you are used to, she can punish kids, but at the same time, she will give them the necessary warmth and love. This approach to education leads to children growing up obedient, restrained, polite, and at the same time self-sufficient and self-confident.

Many men thinking about marrying a woman from the Philippines are afraid that she will be just a housekeeper and a nanny for children but will not be able to become a real wife. But actually, it is not. Girls from this country have a sharp mind, so they can quickly become reliable partners for their men in all endeavors. You will not hear as many words of support from anyone as from a Filipino bride.