How To Organize Your Construction Project Before You Start – 2024 Guide

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What documents should be had before construction, what does the design include, what is the role of the architect, and who is the future user of the house? What materials to use for construction and which thermal insulation to choose? How to organize your construction project before you start work? You don’t know? We will try to give you answers!

The House Demands Lot Of Work

People say the house is a bottomless pit. They also say that the house is looking for a servant – and the apartment for the master. And that’s right. The house and the apartment depict two different ways of life. And they involve different obligations. The apartment is easier to maintain. There are fewer utilities, there is a common reserve, the infrastructure is arranged in advance.

Still, the house is the queen of comfort. It is an intimate zone and your oasis with a garden. But before you imagine idyllic scenes in which you spend time in the garden while children play on swings, and the better half prepares a barbecue – you should be aware that life in the house is preceded by a laborious and time-consuming process of designing, then building and finally furnishing. Therefore, we gathered in one place all the necessary information about the construction of a family house and how to organize before the start of work.

Hire An Architect

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Hire an architect whose projects you like and trust. Why? You will find it difficult to realize a house that meets all legal and construction frameworks – while achieving the functionality and aesthetics you strive for. So, what is required of you as a future home user – is primarily to choose an architect and set a budget.

After that, describe to the architect in as much detail as possible what style of house you want – modern, rustic, or hi-tech? Determine what type of house you want – a single-story or two-story house? Do you want a flat or sloping roof, how many rooms do you want, and do you want any additional space for a hobby or pool, etc.? The experts will design the organization, appearance, and position of the house based on these requirements.

Required Documentation

At the first meeting with the architect, it is advisable to bring previously prepared documentation and preferably pictures of the plot to get a good insight into space. In case there are no suitable drawings, it is necessary to order an architectural survey and the draft. This is necessary, among other things, to reduce the cost of compensation for a new building.The investor should create a project task in which all wishes and needs will be described.

Conceptual Solution

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A quality project is the result of good cooperation between the architect and the investor. The position, design of the house, and its relationship with the terrain – is a combination of the wishes and needs of the investor, the space, and the personal expression of the architect. In this sense, the plot must be prepared in advance. This means that the complete terrain must be cleared to later accurately perform all measurements – and determine the parameters required for construction.

Terrain Clearing

Certainly, when it comes to construction works, the clearing of plots is performed by specialized companies. You need them later during the construction work itself – because they can carry large amounts of construction waste in their large containers. Containers in which such waste is transported can be smaller – but can also carry several tons of construction waste. You will also need to hire a land survey service to evaluate the conditions of the terrain. Check out Canda Surveyors.

If you take a look at any specialized website – you can see more about hiring such companies. Ultimately, the investor should create a project task in which all wishes and needs will be described. The terms of reference are very important to determine the exact scope of work. It must contain a description of the house, what you prefer, and how you see your future house. It is also important to determine the financial structure and budget available.

Building Permit

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Confirmation of the main design for the construction of the building confirms that the main design was made following special conditions. The certificate of the main project is issued before initiating the procedure for issuing a building permit.

Implementation Project

The detailed design is not mandatory for family houses, but it is recommended. It can be contracted between the investor and the designer or the investor and the contractor. The development of detailed design is recommended to complete everything with quality. It elaborates all the details for quality construction, so based on the detailed design, final cost estimates are made that will provide insight into the real situation and a more accurate estimate of construction costs and equipment.

Cost Estimate

After the execution of the detailed design in which everything is defined – a cost estimate is made. It precisely defines all the works needed to build a house. The cost estimate consists of construction and installation works. After creating a cost estimate in which all the necessary quantities for individual works are listed – you can ask for offers for execution from different companies. That way, you will get an insight into the prices for execution.


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After all, the beginning of construction begins, but always keep in mind the interior of the house. The investor, in cooperation with you as an owner, decides to what stage he will hire an architect to accompany him during the construction.

Unfortunately, some investors opt for architects just to get permits, but it is important to note that you are building a house for yourself, and the house must be functionally and aesthetically designed. Ultimately, it must be well done, both externally and internally.

The interior is a very important and logical sequence of the whole design and construction process, which gives the final impression and personality to the house – so you can enjoy it, relax, and be proud of your dream house. For this reason, the architect needs to be present through all phases of construction.