Quantity Surveying Dissertation: 10 Strategies for Writing an A-grade Project

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Writing a quality surveying dissertation involves a thorough and detailed approach to the research, communication and analysis. Students often find it challenging to navigate the intricacies of this research process.

Per the professional standards of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, the professionals of the field are committed to the completion of construction projects in a way that ensures the protection of the natural environment. According to a report from Statista in November 2023, the total number of quantity surveyors in the UK was around 62,300 and their demand is still increasing.

When working full-time, students hardly have time to complete their papers. Although they gain professional work experience, they struggle to maintain their academic progress. In such circumstances, it becomes inevitable for students to look for quantity surveying dissertation help online from reliable writing agencies. You should not compromise your dissertation project by trying to do it on your own when you have limited sources or lack of time.

This article will explain some tested strategies for writing a dissertation on quantity surveying. Before that, let’s delve deeper into the intricacies of this field.

What Do You Mean by Quantity Surveying?

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The Canadian Institute of Quantity Surveyors describes it as the process of cost estimation of large construction and infrastructure projects. The professional quantity surveyors work for the clients and make every stage of the construction project financially feasible for the parties involved. They make a realistic approach to project management and ensure that there are no cost overruns in the process.

Is a Degree In Quantity Surveying Worth It?

Studying quantity surveying is extremely helpful in the construction industry. As Prospectus describes it, you can acquire specialist knowledge in procurement processes, cost planning, and risk assessment of construction projects. Not only this, you also get an understanding of the legal, financial, health and safety, and economic issues that can impact the construction processes.

Furthermore, when studying this subject, you can become an expert in the commercial management of issues that may arise at a construction site. This degree polishes the following skills in you:

  • Data interpretation skills
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Negotiation and conflict resolution skills
  • Digital literacy and IT skills
  • Verbal and written communication skills
  • Developing the ability to work independently

You should also display these characteristics in your quantity surveying dissertation when reflecting on your work experiences.

How Do You Write a Quantity Surveying Dissertation?

1. Select an Engaging and Relevant Topic

Start by choosing a dissertation topic that aligns and matches with your interests. It must also have a practical significance in the field of quantity surveying. A good topic ensures that your overall dissertation is engaging and contributes much to the discipline you are studying.

2. Clearly Define the Aims

Before starting your quantity surveying dissertation, outline the specific aims of your work. Write the questions that you have to answer in your dissertations and highlight the problems that you want to address. It shall guide your research process and also establish a strong foundation for your work.

3. Present a Thorough Literature Review

After defining the objectives of your work, conduct a literature review that helps readers understand the existing research in your field. Not only this, it also helps you place your work within the broader context of quantity surveying. What’s more? Make sure that you are consulting credible sources while gathering your data.

4. The Methodology should be Transparent

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You should explicitly describe the research methods you use for your quantity surveying dissertation. Wondering what it entails? Well, it might include a list of surveys, data analysis, case studies or more. Whatever methodology you choose, ensure that it aligns with your research objectives and questions.

5. Work on the Data Collection

For your dissertation, use reliable and relevant sources to gather your data. Keep track of the sources you use for your work and document the collection processes. You might be thinking why that is important. Well, it makes your dissertation reliable and credible. Also, check if the data you collected can easily support your analysis and findings.

6. Perform the Data Analysis

When performing the data analysis of your quantity surveying dissertation, use appropriate qualitative or statistical analysis methods for your data interpretation. The analysis should be aimed at your research objectives. Also, provide the readers with an explanation of the analytical approach and tools you use for your work.

7. Critically Evaluate the Existing Literature

During your quantity surveying dissertation writing, it shall be beneficial to develop a critical mindset; especially when it comes to the evaluation of your work. Try to challenge the existing theories and industry practices that are relevant to your research. You should know that critical perspectives add intellectual depth and credibility to your work.

8. Present a Logical Dissertation Structure

Your dissertation must be organized coherently and logically. Follow a clear structure and use well-defined sources in your work. Follow the formatting and citation guidelines as specified by your department. Each chapter should have the relevant content in it.

9. Relate the Results to Practical Applications

When you relate your research results to real-world applications, you increase the worth and value of your work. Highlight the practical implications of your dissertation and also highlight the ways it can contribute to the elevation of industry practices. Also, relate your research to modern-day problems and tell readers how it addresses the current challenges in your field.

10. Seek Feedback and Peer Review

Get regular feedback from your advisors, peers, industry professionals, and if possible, from an official editing agency. Keep in mind that constructive criticism can help you refine your quantity surveying dissertations. Thorough revision also helps you elevate the coherence, clarity and overall quality of your work.

Quantity Surveying Dissertation Topics 2024

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Here are some of the dissertation topics for quantity surveying that are trending in 2024. You can pick any of these work titles to craft your custom dissertation:

  • Describe in detail the construction strategies for building projects in the areas that are most susceptible to the construction industry.
  • Highlight the standards and significance of the high-quality property that is built to perfection. Provide a case study of any relevant European country.
  • Provide the link between the building industry and the global recession programs.
  • Shed light on the effect of a competitive bidding approach on the cost planning of public construction work projects. What are the lead tips to follow for sustainable construction?
  • Provide an examination of the processes involved in the deployment of QS-based software that is used in construction projects and discuss its effectiveness on your work experience.

Quantity Surveying Dissertation Examples

Some brilliant quantity surveying dissertation ideas to pick when working on your papers are the following:

  1. A detailed analysis of the role played by a quantity surveyor in the ever-changing phases of the construction industry
  2. Analysis of the risk management procedures in the building and construction sector and finding out the ways to manage any challenges.
  3. A detailed study of the significance of getting construction licenses that focuses on the challenges faced by contractors in the cost estimating phases.
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When you incorporate these strategies into your writing process, it shall enhance the impact and depth of your quantity surveying dissertation. Not only this, but your dissertation also becomes a valuable contribution to your field of study when you follow these tips during the writing process. Ensure that you adhere to the requirements of your department during the research and writing phase.

To achieve the utmost perfection in work, most of the students hire professional dissertation writing services online in the UK. The native British writers have a penchant for crafting high-quality dissertation papers per the needs of clients. You can also give it a try and get your custom papers written to perfection by subject specialists.