Tips for Organizing a Family Escape Room in 2024

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A family Escape Room one of the most exciting dynamics in which we can participate. It is a dynamic that requires skills and abilities in a group. It is not necessary to know everything, but you can contribute your knowledge to escape the room.

These types of games are very popular in the world. They can be played at home, online, live, or with the family. That is why today we will teach you how to organize a quality family escape room. There are multiple platforms both mainstream and online where you can play escape room. Do click here for one of the best escape rooms in Atlanta. 

Steps to Create a Family Escape Room

To create a family escape room you need several elements. From space, a theme, create enigmas and good decoration. It can be difficult at first, but with good planning, it can be done. Here are the steps to create this fabulous family escape room:

1. Find a Space

When creating a family escape room we must find a space. This will be our enigmatic room from which the group must leave. If you have a suitable room, it can be in there. If you can in a patio or a larger space, feel free to use it. When you have the room you have to delimit the areas. This is done so that they do not leave the scene. To avoid this, you can close doors, windows, or extra spaces in the house.

2. Materials

Everything must indeed be ready before starting. But for this, you have to plan what we are going to use. It is better to buy or recycle some elements that support the family escape room. Although it seems difficult, it is advisable to prepare everything while the family group is asleep. When he wakes up he finds an enigmatic house from which they must escape.

3. Rehearse or Test

You can do a dress rehearsal. Replicate each step of the home escape room. This to know if everything has been planned and how it would turn out once it is done. Put the riddles where they should go, make one clue lead to another, and more. 

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4. Game Time

The time may vary. It all depends on how difficult or easy the game is. However, it can last between 30 and 60 minutes. If it spreads, nothing happens, unless the game indicates it. For everything to flow normally, the dynamics and tracks should not be so complicated.

5. Theme

Not only the theme is applied in the decoration. The main game must have a well-represented meaning. The idea is to keep the family group completely in the escape room. Let there be tension, mystery, a little anxiety, and a lot of emotion.

6. The Tracks

A family escape room is played in two ways. Although both carry clues, the modality changes. One of them consists of finding generalized clues that, when put together, give the key to leave the room. They can also be clues that lead us to discover other clues. This is the case until the end of the game. They cannot be combined so you must choose the mode of the game with the tracks.

7. The Exit

The exit is what ends the game. It must be in style and be in a perhaps unpredictable place where the participants must arrive to win the test. It can be difficult in a room because the exit can be the door. 

However, the exit can also make a call, be able to send a message of help and be rescued or acquire powers to go through the wall. This is the great thing about a family escape room, creativity must take over the game.

A family escape room can completely break with the original rules of the game. Remember that it is a homemade creation. Plus, it’s great for those looking to entertain the family.

How to Succeed in an Escape Room

Escape rooms simply do not go out of style, on the contrary, over the years their popularity increases. More and more groups of friends change their plans from going to a bar or visiting the beach, to go to an escape room. It’s no wonder that with the escapist wave getting bigger and bigger, more people are taking an interest. 

The truth is that escape rooms are something that hooks very easily. There is nothing better than being the protagonist of a game and being able to live a real adventure. Especially when the experience is inside a room carefully designed to be realistic. However, the difficulties of these rooms can seem frustrating. 

Although we can have many ideas before entering a room, the truth is that we go blank when we are inside due to the impressiveness of the experience. To function well within any Escape Room regardless of its difficulty, theme, or style, we are going to give you some tips to succeed in any Escape Room. 

Tips to Succeed in Any Escape Room:

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  • Get well organized with your friends before visiting the escape room:

In an escape room, the equipment is the most important thing, so you cannot leave anyone out. Choose a day and time that all your friends coincide before embarking on this mission. Do not forget to wear comfortable clothes to be able to move freely and go to the bathroom before entering the room. You don’t want to be locked up wanting to visit the toilet, trust us.

  • Choose the room that catches your attention most:

It may seem obvious, but the idea of ​​an escape room is that you enjoy with all your friends. So don’t pick a room at random or to get out of your way. When you have so many options, you should take advantage of them all. If you choose a room that grabs your attention, you will feel more excited to enter it.

  • Let each one choose their role in the mission:

This is very important. There cannot be two leaders in a team at the same time, as a lot of valuable time would be lost in discussions. Each one must choose their role in the team, decide who will look for the clues, who will answer the riddles and who will look for the keys. If everyone is focused on something at the same time, they will use their time more intelligently, which will give you more chances to win.