Frequently Asked Questions About Paint by Numbers Kits


Are you looking forward to purchasing one of the custom paint by number kits? Then you will get numerous questions in your mind. In this custom paint by number FAQ, we are looking forward to providing answers to all those questions you have about these kits.,

What is custom paint by number all about?

Paint by Numbers is a fantastic pastime that may help someone become an expert painter. It is acknowledged as being one of the top hobbies for reducing stress. To assist in addressing some of the most common questions about the hobby, we put together this FAQ.

Paint by number custom is a kind of painting that dates back to the 1950s and involves filling in pre-numbered regions on a canvas using specified complementary paint colors. This well-liked kind of art was offered for sale as a kit. If you want to try paint by numbers kits (or a custom paint by numbers made from your own photo) like this one.

What does a paint by number kit contain?

Every component of a paint by numbers kit is included with the project. You will get paintbrushes, a canvas with numbered areas for you to paint on, and numbered vials of complementary paint that match the canvas. There is also a pictorial guide and instruction book that shows how the painting should appear when it is finished.

What sizes are the available pieces of art?

The typical size of paint by number kits is 16 inches into 20 inches, while there are some that are bigger or include several panels. Some of them seem to be substantial enough to qualify as wall art.

Can I get my own custom paint by number canvas?

Yes, it is possible for you to get your own custom paint by number canvas. When you do a bit of research on the internet, you will notice that there are numerous service providers offering custom paint by number kits. You will need to upload your own image. Then the image will be converted into a customized paint by number kit. You will be getting all the paint and instructions along with the kit. You just need to go ahead and draw your own customized art on canvas.

To do paint by numbers, do I have to be an artist?

No, paint by numbers is intended to be a systematic kind of painting that you learn as you go. You will develop your skills over time, and different kits come in increasing degrees of difficulty, from extremely easy ones to ridiculously complex ones that will challenge even the most accomplished painters.

Here are a few tips to follow while making your first painting.

1. How to restore dried paint or melt paint

I suggest using only a few droplets of clean water to melt your paint. I believe I stated it in the descriptions of our products. In this manner, both the paint’s thickness and its impact on the painting are within your control. More water will be required if you wish to reuse really old paint that is a leftover from projects you worked on months or years ago. If additional water doesn’t help, get in touch with us and we may be able to get you to the paints you need.

2. When painting, use the right lighting.

In addition to employing table magnifier lights, you should always have enough lighting in your room. With the modest numbers, you can see the reference book and the canvas more clearly. You won’t get fatigued quickly because of this. However, you’ll also feel considerably better if your room has adequate natural light. People are not subterranean animals, and in order to survive and stay awake, we need sunshine.

3. Regularly consult the reference manual

You’ll notice that certain sections and the numerals are rather tiny as you begin your first custom paint by number kit. Customers sometimes bring that up. Some of you are utilizing magnifying work lamps or glasses. To get a higher degree of detail, you must understand how important having those little regions are.

Taking a snapshot before you even begin painting is a terrific technique for painting tiny areas in groups. As a result, you always have a beginning point and a reference point, and you can always zoom in on the image to see the number.

4. If you’re using lighter colors, use more paint.

So many of you who are beginning have the issue that you don’t fully cover the numbers and then whine that the paints aren’t thick enough. There are further simple methods for hiding numbers. The simplest method is to use thicker paint and paint the numerals twice. You may also aid yourself by covering the number every round before painting it with a white pen marker. As a result, the task is less efficient since you constantly have to set down the brush, pick up the pen, lighten the number, and afterwards repeat the process. But the outcome is certain.

5. Always use the same hue while painting.

You’ll probably keep them wet while painting if you paint one color at a time, and the paints will remain pure and undamaged. You must thoroughly wash your paintbrush in clean water before drying them with a fresh piece of cloth if you wish to switch colors. However, unless absolutely essential, I advise not changing it regularly.


How much time would it take to finish a kit?

That truly depends on the complexity of a kit and how much time you have to put into your paint purchase number job. It’s difficult to explain since it’s intended to become more of a soothing pastime. Depending on how much time you choose to invest, it can take days, weeks, or even months.

Cleaning your paintbrush is advised before changing colors, and you must also do it in between every painting session. Wash the paints in a container of water or a brush basin. If necessary, you may mix in a little mild soap to completely remove the paint off the bristles. Reshape the brush so that it can dry after each usage. Never allow it to rest on its own bristles or leave the water container.