Top 3 Innovations in Gambling Industry 2024


The online casino industry is developing at a cosmic rate. In this area, it is particularly important for companies to follow the latest trends and be able to apply them in time because it depends on whether they get customers who are already used to modern conveniences. That’s why the best online casinos carefully study new technologies and actively implement them. In this article, we will look at 3 major innovations in gambling.

1. Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrencies in online casinos have long been a standard and there is even an opinion that the time of online casinos for real money will pass sooner or later. The acceptance of cryptocurrencies is growing. More and more operators are allowing their customers to make deposits and bets using Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, as well as to pay out profits. However, the level of acceptance is heterogeneous. Some crypto casinos accept only Bitcoin, while others also accept Ether, Dogecoin, and other cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrency acceptance is growing just as it is in other areas of the economy. More and more operators are realizing the importance of Bitcoin and Co. and are expanding their offerings in response. Crypto coins are digital money. When buying bitcoins, Ethereum, and other virtual currencies, you should always expect exchange rate fluctuations, but transactions with these cryptocurrencies are becoming more and more popular as a means of payment, including at online casinos.

A crypto casino is a casino that accepts cryptocurrency. Acceptance can refer to deposits and bets. Players can make deposits using bitcoins as well as play. Winnings are also paid out in cryptocurrency. In this case, the account is managed in cryptocurrency, not in euros or U.S. dollars.

If bets were placed in cryptocurrency, it may affect the range of games. The reason: manufacturers should design their slots and tables so that they can be used and paid out in cryptocurrencies.

However, in the meantime, the variety of games is extremely large. Cryptocurrency online casinos offer many slot machines from different brands, as well as table and card games such as roulette and blackjack.

In addition, as far as bonus offers are concerned, there is almost no difference between cryptocurrency online casinos and providers that do not accept cryptocurrency. New customers often receive free bonuses without their own deposit and/or deposit bonuses. Read more about deposit casinos go:

Some casinos offer special bonuses for cryptocurrency. If you then make a deposit with bitcoins or another coin, you can request a special bonus. In this case, these bonuses are often even more generous than bonus offers for classic currencies.

2. Virtual Reality and Meta-universe


There has been talking about virtual reality for several years, but the technology is still in the development stage and has not reached its peak. Nevertheless, there are high expectations for it, especially for the meta-universe.

If we talk about progress for 2024, today there are games that offer to spend time in virtual reality. Their several varieties allow the player to bet as if he was at a real table.

Moreover, there are virtual casinos where you can walk from table to table, and from slot to slot.

Online casinos have never been shy about jumping on board when it comes to new technology, from the smartphone revolution to cryptocurrency. The meta-universe is likely no different, and there are organizations that already offer virtual casinos where thousands of players have access to poker and other games every day. Social casinos, both for real money and “just for fun,” are likely to be popular attractions in the metaclass universe.

Cryptocurrency is increasingly being used by traditional online casinos and is expected to remain the backbone of financing in the meta-universe. It also simplifies international gaming, as all players can use a small number of cryptocurrencies instead of having a hundred different fiat currencies. In the future, we should expect the VR aspect of the meta-universe to take games with live dealers to the next level as well as improve social interaction. These two features combine nicely in poker, where body language can be very useful for giving away if a player is bluffing.

Thus, there is no doubt that iGaming will become part of the meta universe, but it remains to be seen to what extent this will happen, and whether meta universe casinos will supplant or coexist with current online betting sites.

3. Cloud services


Among the latest trends that are helping game developers and gambling companies improve their services and attract new players is free cloud storage. Well-known companies such as Google have already developed and launched technologies that allow you to play modern games on weak computers.

In simple words, a cloud service is a remote site on a virtual server on the Internet, which does not require the cost of physical media and storage. It is a variety of hardware, software, methodologies, and tools that help the Internet user.

In gambling, cloud storage can be used for different purposes – for information storage and processing, communication, data hosting, payment processing, and regulation of gambling equipment. Any transaction conducted not on physical devices, but directly on the Internet service is direct use of cloud technology.

Note that cloud service in the gambling industry is similar in use to other activities. This technology is widely used in online casinos. Their owners can choose between server-service, hardware, and customer support – end-users designed for mobile phones, browser-based portals, or desktop accounts that can be downloaded separately. Many cloud service providers now offer their own gambling solutions.

To give some examples: in early June 2020, ETF launched online casinos and virtual sports betting in the U.S. using cloud technology. The company explained this decision as the desire to create for Americans a “comfortable atmosphere of being at home”.

For online casino owners, cloud services also help reduce IT costs: software updates, and replacement of obsolete equipment. In addition, it is possible to reduce other costs significantly, since the cloud service provider takes care of almost everything related to the installation, running and maintenance of the software and the creation of the basic infrastructure.