Guide to Parental Controls in iOS 12 – 2024 Tips

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It is not uncommon to find kids crouched on a chair or lying on their bed glued to their smartphones. Today, parents give expensive phones to their children on their birthdays. In addition, it is also out of compulsion that a child gets to own a phone of his or her own. For instance, many parents feel if they leave a phone with their children it can come in handy in an emergency. While there are some benefits of buying a phone for your kid, there are many inherent flaws too in this arrangement.

  • Children are increasingly becoming addicted to smartphones.
  • Parents buy an iOS phone for their child as a safety tool in an emergency.
  • Apple phones come with many benefits.
  • There are some inherent flaws in children owning a phone.

What are the Benefits and Flaws if a Child Owns a Smartphone?

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Buying an Apple phone for your child is a divisive topic. In other words, while some parents think it is a necessary expenditure, there are other parents who are of the opinion that spending such an amount of money on a child’s gift is a waste. In addition, they think in the long run such possessions do more harm than good to them.

Benefits of Buying a Smartphone for Your Child

  • Children can use it to contact parents in emergencies.
  • They learn many new things by researching knowledge websites.
  • It keeps them engaged if used constructively.

Inherent Flaws in a Child Owning a Smartphone

  • It can be used for watching inappropriate content.
  • Addiction of phones is very harmful medically.
  • Children can be exposed to cyber-bullying.

Why do Parents need to Control Their Child’s Activities on the Phone?

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In today’s world, when access to technology is as easy as buying candy from the local neighborhood store, parents worry about its misuse by their children. It opens the doors to them being exposed to inappropriate content. In other words, with an iOS phone in hand, a child watching adult content cannot be ruled out.

There are some websites that show content meant for adults, that is, porn. In addition, children run the risk of being cyber-bullied. Online bullying specially by teenagers has become very common these days. Therefore, it becomes imperative for parents to control their children’s activities on a smartphone.

  • Parents must control their child’s activities on a smartphone.
  • Children run the risk of being exposed to inappropriate content.
  • They can easily be bullied online.
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Step by Step Guide to Parental Control in iOS 12

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Finding the Right App for iOS 12

Many phones have in-built parental control apps. There are others that can be downloaded. For an iOS 12 phone look at the iTunes store to install such an application. Such apps must be customized for the phone your child is carrying. In addition, they should be compatible with all iPhones and must be ingenious enough to trick tech-savvy kids.

  • iPhones have in-built parental control systems.
  • Parents can purchase and install an app from iTunes.
  • Such an app should be compatible with all iPhones.
  • They should be able to defeat tech-savvy kids.

Features That a Parental Control App should have for iOS 12

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  • Restrict Content

The app which is in-built or has been downloaded from iTunes should have the ability to filter inappropriate content on the child’s phone. In other words, a parent should be able to restrict access to certain websites and apps from his phone.

  • Block Some Features

The application which you have downloaded to control your child’s phone should be able to restrict the use of certain features. Some applications come with an in-built feature that allows blocking text messages or disable writing on certain social media platforms. For instance, some apps will permit the parents to disable the function of sending or receiving messages.

  • Monitor Activity Log

Some apps allow parents to monitor activity logs on their child’s phone in real-time. For instance, if your child has an iOS phone, by installing an app on your phone you can monitor the text messages he or she is sending out or receiving. In addition, you can check the calls made or received by your child.

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  • Phone Tracking

A parent can track the location of their child’s iOS phone with the help of a GPS enabled app. For instance, if you have left your child alone at home, you can track if he or she ever moves out.

  • Restrict Screen Time

Apps help parents restrict the amount of time their child can expose himself or herself to a phone. For instance, you can set the time of his usage per day to 3 hours. Accordingly, the phone will stop working after it has been used for 3 hours a day.

Types of Parental Controls on iOS 12

There are in-built apps that help parents control their child’s activities on iOS 12 phones. In other words, they are part of the operating system. Such an app comes for free. If parents want to have more advanced control over their child’s usage of the iOS 12, then they can purchase an app from the iTunes store. These apps come for a price and have far more controlling features than the in-built app.

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  • Parents can rely on a system operated app to exercise parental control.
  • You can purchase an app from the iTunes store.


In conclusion, it is important to understand that while a smartphone for your child is beneficial, it comes with some flaws too. Therefore, just purchase a phone for him or her, and forgetting about it is not ideal. As a parent, you must necessarily keep track of its usage.

For instance, as mentioned earlier, you should protect your child from exposure to inappropriate content. In addition, the purchase of even some apps which carry adult content should be barred. Finally, one of the most important reasons why there should be parental control is to protect children from cyber-bullying. Therefore, remember it is not enough just to gift an iOS 12 phone to your child; you must also control your child’s activities on it.