What is the Difference Between Period Underwear and Regular Underwear?

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Period underwear has become mainstream for a variety of reasons. However, there are still many questions and answers about how it is different from traditional underwear. In this article, we will be tackling questions about the function of period underwear and how it will help you out more than regular underwear during that time of the month.

What is Regular Underwear?

Regular underwear is something that you wear during the days when you are not experiencing menstrual flow. Regular panties have two layers of fabric at the crotch level to prevent some discharge, which happens regularly.

However, these panties are not equipped to handle the blood flow during periods. To keep your period days as comfortable as possible, regular underwear is replaced by period underwear by many women across the world.

What is Period Underwear?

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Period underwear is a relatively new concept, especially if you compare it to sanitary pads or tampons. The idea behind wearing period underwear is to keep all the blood flow away from sight. This type of underwear is made to prevent leakage while making the experience as comfortable as possible. Period underwear does the exact same thing as a sanitary pad or a tampon.

If you choose these underpants during your period, it will prevent any kind of leakage, which will otherwise show on your pants if you are not very conscious. The primary purpose of period underwear is to provide a layer of protection to your pants so that it does not show any bloodstains.

These undergarments do prevent leakage to a certain extent but are usually worn with tampons. Consider period underwear a backup option to avoid leakage during days of heavy flow. You will be getting extra protection through these undergarments, which are not promised by regular underwear. You can find some good period panties at Modibodi.

How do Period Undergarments Work?

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If you truly want to understand the difference between traditional panties and period underwear, you will have to understand how both of them work. In regular underpants, you get one stretch of fabric which is supposed to provide a decent shape and cover you up for modesty.

It has two layers of fabric in the crotch area to prevent any kind of minor discharge from leaking. Many women who use sanitary napkins are shifting to period panties along with using their regular sanitary wear for extra protection.

Period panties work on the same principle but provide enough protection to feel comfortable during the days of heavy flow. The crotch area of the period undergarment has multiple layers to soak up the liquid and trap it rather than having it leak onto your pants or skirt. These panties are extremely effective against accidental leakages, which traditional undergarments do not take care of.

How are they used?

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These undergarments work exactly like your traditional alternatives. Depending on the type of underwear you have shopped for, period panties offer different layers of protection. Typically these underpants can hold the blood flow of two tampons. This claims you can wear these undergarments without any kind of sanitary wear.

If you feel skeptical about its use, you can begin by wearing these underpants during the days when your flow is not that heavy. For instance, many women who try out these undergarments for the first time use them during the third or fourth day when the flow is lighter. If you are hesitant, you can pair it with your tampon and make use of it as a damage control option.

Many users will tell you to use it as a secondary layer of protection along with typical methods like a menstrual cup or a tampon. Users also feel it to be less hygienic than other options, which makes them hesitant to try it out.

This is why it is important to use period underwear initially in a controlled environment where you can see how it works. This means using it during days when you will be staying at home and you have a light flow. It will allow you to see how well they work in terms of absorption and leakage prevention, given your flow on a particular day. These underpants are not bulky; you can also wear them with your work clothes.

Why Choose Period Panties over Regular Ones?

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You should choose period panties over regular underwear during menstruation for the following reasons:

  • It prevents leakage through systematic trapping of all the liquid and blood flow in multiple layers of fabric.
  • Period undergarments are not bulky and give the same appearance as regular underwear.
  • These undergarments are used as a backup option to tampons or menstrual cups so that any possible leakage is immediately stopped at the crotch and does not leak to your lower garments.
  • They are ecologically sustainable and can be rewashed and reused, much like regular underwear.
  • It will reduce the amount of money you spend on menstrual sanitary products. It can be worn without any type of sanitary product during days of light flow.

The Takeaway

We hope that you now understand the difference between period underwear and regular underwear. Both of them are equally important and have their different uses. Knowing when to switch to period underwear will make your periods extremely easier without any fear of leakage.

You will be saving money that would otherwise be spent on sanitary products. Additionally, you will also find the experience extremely comfortable because the liquid is trapped in the underwear.