Types of Licenses for Online Casinos 

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Licensing is an integral part of operating an online casino. Moreover, it demonstrates your establishment is legal and regulated by a government body. Depending on where you live, there are a variety of online casino licenses. These allow you to run an online casino and serve your customers from anywhere in the world.

There are many licensing agencies in many countries. Thus, making it hard for players to navigate the world of online casinos. This article is an easy way to the best online casino sites. Learn about the proper licenses from reputation regulation authorities. Learn more about licensing below.

Reputable Online Licenses

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UK Gambling Commission

The UKGC started operating under the Gambling Act 2005. This act extended to and covers the whole of the United Kingdom. The Commission ensures that all gambling activities are fair and crime-free. It also protects children and vulnerable people. Following the passage of this act, a new regulatory body came up.

It is popular as the Gambling Commission that regulates commercial gambling in Great Britain. This body raises funds by an annual fee paid by operators. Also, fees charged for regulatory activities such as issuing licenses, monitoring compliance, conducting investigations. Also, providing advice regarding public health. Click here for more info.

Malta Gaming Authority

This is a public authority that licenses and regulates online casinos. It started operation in 2001 but began its work in 2002. It has been allowing gambling operators to open their websites and provide their services to the players. For an operator to get an MGA license, it has to meet several requirements.

This includes providing a safe gaming environment. Also, protecting the players’ data and ensuring fair gameplay. The MGA-licensed online casinos must contribute to the National Anti-Money Laundering Fund (NA MLF). The MGA uses a multi-stage process to determine whether a casino should receive their license.

Other Popular Licenses

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This is one of the most well-established licensing bodies in the world. This license allows the casino to operate legally in Curaçao. It also accepts players from all over the globe. As a player, this license offers basic consumer protection. You can obtain the license by having a representative office in Curaçao.

Also, an active website and signing up for an account with Curacao eGaming. The online casinos licensed by Curaçao eGaming can accept players from any part of the world. However, there are some restrictions based on individual countries. Some countries face restrictions due to political or legal reasons.

Gibraltar Regulatory Authority

People often get confused between the UKGC and the Gibraltar license because this last one still British Crown-dependent, However they are two very different entities, and even tho some online casinos work with both of them they never cover one each other. This regulatory body is one of the industry’s most popular and trustworthy companies for many years. The reason for this is the fact that it closely monitors how the casinos operate and what their payouts are.

For instance if a casino doesn’t meet the standards set by this licensing company, it will be closed down, it sounds harsh but any reputable gambling license is as strict as possible and online casinos have whole departments working on making sure they don’t make a mistake that can cost millions!

This means that you need to make sure that a casino you join has a proper license from this organization. Many casinos have such licenses. However, not on the same level. Moreover, the GRA is currently issuing two types of licenses for online gambling. The gambling hardware and gambling software.

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Isle of man

This was one of the first countries to create a jurisdiction for gambling companies, back in 2001, when not many countries had this sort of regulations, Isle of Man was a visionary and created a legislation specially designed to grant gambling and e-gaming firms and fully protect customers. We can say they were the pioneers into putting things in order to make gambling a more reputable way of spending time, and control and help those players that need assistance when doing it.

Swedish Gambling Authority

One very controversial and strict licensees is by no doubt the Swedish license. Created to make gambling in Sweden legal, safe and reliable. Has come hard and with a lot of rules and requirements from the casinos. It was very controversial because of the way it was created and how many jobs depend on having this license. However, after a few years it has become more stable and many more casinos are working under it.

Licensing in the USA

Now one, if not the hardest country to get a license would be United States of America, not only because they don’t give many but the work behind it is insane. And they divide licenses state by state making the process even more complicated and. However you will always find companies ready to do it for you, just because it is very specific that not any. Lawyers would know automatically; in a way they have to specialize. Hard to imagine thinking they have the capital gambling city Las Vegas.

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It is true that playing on a regulated casino, such as goldenslot, generated a lot of trust on players, especially if you require assistance, and no doubt there are many many online casinos that are working under dodgy circumstances, however we recommend anyone reading this to keep always from those sites, it can be a total pain and most importantly remember you are giving away all your information, money, financial details and much more.

Nowadays everything is easy to google and if you are over 18 and deciding to start playing online, you can always look up which casino holds which license, read comments and recommendations on them and decide where to play based on information that can save you from a big headache.