A Step-By-Step Guide To Succeeding In The Personal Training Niche

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You’ve always wanted to be a personal trainer or maybe you aspire to be one. The challenge right now is that you are stuck on the point of no return. Probably scared of being a failure. Hence, you’re slightly winging the process till you hit a success point.

The question is why commit to a trial and error game when you can get it right from day one? There is a ton of helpful tips, you can follow to succeed in the personal training niche.

Like every other health and fitness niche, personal training is not an exception. It has its peculiar challenges and setbacks. This is why we have taken the time to put together this step-by-step guide to succeeding in the personal training niche.

There are a few listed devices and personal training software that’ll be of many contributions to your success as a personal trainer.

So, if you’ve got five minutes to spare, you won’t be on the guessing end anymore, by the time you read the last guide we’ve got for you.

Ready? Let’s get to it.

What is the personal training niche about?

An offshoot of the health and fitness niche, personal training is focused on supporting individuals on their health and fitness journey. Working with individuals closely, to helping them stay on track, watch their diet and reach the zenith of their health goals.

Unlike the general health and fitness journey, where people are self-motivated, personal training is specifically tailored to work closely with clients. It could be on a one-on-one home client experience or a gym personal client experience.

By this, we mean that clients can decide to sign up for a home personal training membership or gym membership. It all depends on the packages run by the personal trainer and the expectations of the client in question.

As the name suggests, the role of a personal trainer is to act as a guide and motivator for your clients. Especially the ones who lack what it takes to keep themselves motivated and focused on their health and fitness goals.

There lies the issue of the personal training niche. Most personal trainers treat it more as a hobby than a business. They see it as a niche that is about helping people without recourse to paying their bills. Hence, there is no structure, guiding rules, or finance book to measure daily or monthly success.

However, To achieve success in the personal training niche, you need to equip yourself with the necessary information that makes sure that your business stands the test of time.

A Step-By-Step Guide To Succeeding In The Personal Training Niche

Source: the42.ie

Running a personal fitness niche takes more than the passion to help your clients to reach their health and fitness goals. This is the undoing of personal fitness trainers.

In the same way, you are present and active in the goal of your clients, you need to pay attention to your business too. The point is, the personal training niche, of recent is quite competitive. What this spells for you is that to stay above water, you’ve got to step up your game, pull out your income book and decide to succeed in your niche.

As a contribution to ensuring that you succeed as a personal trainer, we have put together this amazing step-by-step guide, showing you how to succeed in the personal training niche.

While we are on this topic, what does success mean to you? Does it mean more zeros in your account, great transformational stories or is it both? For us, we say success is the transformation that also adds extra zeros to your account.

Ready to see how to succeed in the personal training niche? Let’s get to it.

You need to stay on top of trends

Personal training niche seems like a simple task for just anyone until you discover that the fitness trends change by the second. Today, common exercises are replaced by high-intensity interval training (HIIT) exercises.

This is because, people barely have time, and a few others need to achieve faster goals for special reasons. Hence, most gyms are packed full with over 49.9% of people at least twice a week. Yet, others are interested in long-term, staying in shape.

As a personal trainer, it is your job to ensure that you help each category of individuals to settle in and attend to their needs. The need to stay on top of trends cannot be overlooked especially if you want to see the doors fling open every hour of the day.

Simply put, High-intensity interval training otherwise called (HIIT) involves short intervals of deeply intense exercise with rest periods and low-intensity exercises in between. It is structured to help clients pack in a lot in such a short period. This aids them to boost metabolism and strength. Just like aerobic exercise and cardio, HIIT workouts are done in a shorter frame.

A few popular and amazing HIIT exercises include:

  • Sprints
  • Planks
  • Burpees
  • Mountain climbing
  • Jumping jacks

Your clients will be glad to see that you incorporate popular exercises into their workout routine. So, if you want to succeed, staying on top of trends is highly recommended.

Smart fitness devices and training software

Source: the42.ie

Over 50% of adults who are actively involved in health and fitness use personal fitness devices and software. The function of these tools devices is to help your clients measure their progress and workout sessions.

Devices like smart watches help them monitor their steps, workout time, and metabolism.

Encouraging your clients to invest in these or even getting one for them will surely tick their box in approval. The right step toward success for you.

Not just for your clients, wearing a tracker as a personal trainer puts you on the cutting edge as it convinces your clients that you are in touch with the recent developments.

Build a sustainable structure

A lot of trainers in the persona training niche are usually invested in their body build, devices, and personal development. Soon enough, they neglect the importance of structure as a major consideration towards their success.

To record immense success in the personal training niche, you need to build a sustainable structure around your performance

A few of them include:

  • Income structure-A proper documentation of income flow is highly recommended. This helps you know what you invest in and if you need to seek more clients.
  • Employment structure-The money you start to experience growth and consistent patronage, it is important that you build a proper employment structure. Running a personal fitness business alone is only realistic for a short while.
  • Client structure-This applies in two different ways. First, you need a structure for onboarding new clients, a structure for sustaining old clients, and a structure for off-boarding clients. What this does is send a message of intentionality and class to your clients. Since they know there is a process for everything, your time and expertise are even respected more

Client Relationship

Source: the42.ie

Succeeding in the personal fitness niche is beyond, staying on top of trends and building a structure, you need to build likeness and loyalty with your clients. The business books suggest a need to build rapport and community vibes with your clients.

Building a relationship with your clients is an intentional commitment to secure their trust and loyalty toward your brand. What this does for you, is to put a seal of partnership on anyone you work with.

The easiest way to build client relationships is by simply:

  • Speaking to them in a strongly motivated manner. A lot of people often bow out of fitness goals because they lack motivation, imagine if you become that rock of hope for your clients.
  • Design packages to help them reach their goals faster. Having personalized meal plans and tailored workout schedules for each person shows that you care and are intentional about the success of your clients.

Commit a budget allocation towards marketing and publicity

Having a community of clients who trust, know, and like you, is beautiful to watch. However, you’ll soon realize that you need a set batch of clients to replace the old ones. The beauty of being a personal trainer is that you’re able to handle all sorts of characters and clients with peculiar needs.

Hence, when you help people achieve their goals, they’ll make room for others to come in. You can’t prevent this from happening. What you can do, instead is to draw a budget allocation for publicity and marketing.

To increase income flow and maintain the complex, more clients need to join the fold.

A few strategies to employ include:

  • Social media channels
  • Local SEO
  • Website
  • Paid Advertisement
  • Referrals

Any or all of these strategies are a step in the right direction for your success in the personal training niche


Take the time to implement each of these above-listed strategies. If you commit time to any or all of them, you’ll start to record immense success in your niche as a personal trainer.