6 Steps Needed to Plan a Software Development Project in 2024

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Have you thought of an awesome new idea about some kind of software that will find its use in today’s modern world? Thinking of something new and unique these days is very hard because millions of app developers think of new applications for phones, tablets, and computers every single day. So, if you do have an idea ready, it is time to turn it into a reality. But what it is that you need to do to turn it from an idea into a real prototype? Well, the first thing you will need to do is plan a software development project.

This kind of project will require the expertise and help from multiple people to realize it. However, when creating such a project, you need to create a plan with the right steps. You can’t just jump over parts of the process and expect that you will get a good product in the end. It is vital that you go through the right steps to form the best possible software development project for your idea. Here are the most important steps that you will have to implement.

Explain your idea

Before you start giving out tasks to your workers, you will first have to introduce them to your innovation. You can’t expect people to read your mind to determine what the final version of your product should look like. As a project manager, you will need to give them a vision of what you have invented. This will help your team understand your vision which will ultimately lead to more efficiency throughout the entire project.

Once there is an understanding of the innovation in your team, you can all start taking the necessary steps to finalize the creation.

Set goals

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It is very important to set goals and milestones for the team that will be working on your idea. This will help them understand where exactly they need to be headed while working and where they currently are. By setting the right goals, you will much easily come to the final version of your product without any kind of deviation from the original idea. This is essential for every software development project.

Start planning

Once the goals have been set, it is time to give out the assignments to the members of your team. Naturally, some tasks will be much more difficult than others which means those will require more people working on it at the same time. Putting the weight of the entire project on just one person is never a good idea, no matter how much of an expert they are on the subject.

The best people on your team need assistance, time, and room to think. Piling them up with a huge amount of tasks will only bring bad results. So, be smart about who you are going to hire and to who you are giving out the assignments. If you still have no idea who to hire and how to make your own team, you should check the custom software provided by VironIT. They will do most of the development process for you.


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One of the most vital factors to a successful application is its design. Without a good design, no matter how useful the product is, people will not be willing to use it. Take Messenger as an example. Would you use it if finding the people you want to talk to was very difficult? Would you use it to chat with people if the font and the color scheme is not easy on your eyes?

These are some of the things that you will have to think about because no one else will be. Your software developer and analysts will not be focusing on what the product will look like, but how it will function. Functionality is their area of expertise and their most important role during the project. This is why it is essential that you are the one who will focus on its design.

You are the one who will decide what its final look should be like, but it is better if you leave most of the aesthetic polishing be left to the designers on your team.

Software Development

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This is the phase of the project that builds the entire software. You might say that without this vital step, there won’t be any kind of product. So, make sure that you invest most of your time to keep your team’s focus on this phase. Nismansolutions.com and many other software development companies will follow the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) to keep on track during development. You do not want to end up with software that looks good that doesn’t have any kind of functionality optimizations. A slow product is not a good product, no matter how genius your original idea was.

First, your product will go through the Alpha phase which will only have the most important functionalities. During this time, the software should only be tested by only a set of people. You do not want to release any kind of information about what you are currently working on.

After everything goes smooth through the Alpha, it is time to take it to the next level, Beta testing. During this time, you should provide the best candidate you have of the software to everyone on your team. After weeks and months of usage, they will determine whether its usability is good and stable. Only then you can go to do the next phase and start picking the best candidates out of the bunch. You can do this by sending out stable builds of your product to external testers.

The final phase is the golden master which means that your product is finally ready to be released to the market.


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As with any other software or application in the world, nothing is perfect. Operating systems will change, rules will change, new devices will get released, etc. This means that you will have to continue updating your software to ensure that it will stay stable throughout the years.

By following these steps we mentioned above, you will surely have a successful development project and create a unique product of superior quality.