8 Tips for Planning the Best Epic Stag Party Abroad – 2024 Guide

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Back in the days, having a stag party meant going to the local pub with your mates, singing, and drinking until the dawn. Those days are long gone. Nowadays stag parties consider spending the whole weekend partying like there’s no tomorrow.

For this reason, some serious planning comes in place, especially if you want to spend your last days as a single guy abroad. Europe is packed with hidden jams that offer a spectacular nightlife for your last guys-only extravaganza. For the party to go without a hitch, it will take some organizing in advance. Here’s what to keep in mind.

Plan well ahead

Getting things done in a hurry will not only cost you more, but the added stress can make you forget some of the important stuff and ruin the weekend. Planning in advance is the most important step in the whole process. Many people decide to have party months upfront, some even a year, depending on how much time they have between the engagement and the actual wedding. By organizing the trip in advance, you’ll be able to find many great deals on flights and lodging, plan for the activities and surprises.

When the plan is set upfront it will give other people enough time to plan the trip around their schedules, so that you can make the headcount and book a hotel. It takes the stress off of you and your friends so that you can be relaxed once it’s time to travel.

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Stag parties can involve a lot of people, each with their jobs, families, and different life routines. Communicating plans with the groom-to-be as well as everyone else is the key to a successful party, particularly when you plan to travel abroad. Forming a group on one of the social media platforms is the usual and the easiest way to keep everyone posted.

Not everyone is going to know each other, so it will also get everyone familiar and informed at the same time. Keep the stag informed about the choices you make, like location, hotel, activities, length of stay, and the cost. Even though he is the star of the party and shouldn’t do any work, he still needs to be consulted and kept in the loop, along with others.

Agreeing on the budget

Before deciding on anything, a clear budget needs to be set so that people know what to expect. Talk about the money openly with others and see if everyone agrees on the projected costs. By being transparent you can avoid unpleasant surprises later on, like someone dropping out because of the cost of the trip. This way everyone will know what to expect avoiding any confusion and disappointments. Also, keep everyone in the loop about the changes and unpredictable expenses.

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Choosing location

Organizing a stag party at home or the local pub is fine, but if you’re looking for a truly exciting experience check out one of many European night-life capitals like Budapest, Prague, Sofia, Ayia Napa, Krakow, etc. Whether you’re looking for beach getaways, crazy nightlife, casinos, or strip bars, there is something for everyone. Discuss the possibilities within the group since there is a lot to take into account like closeness to home, prices, and the weather, depending on when you’re going. If you would like a professional help check out Eventhuse for some exciting destinations.

Booking hotels and venues

If your crew is like most guys looking for the hotels in the center of the city packed with bars, strip clubs, and restaurants, then book in advance. Large groups tend to get some sweet deals and discounts so make sure to mention this. However, many venues, like bars and night clubs do not cater to the stag parties.

Make sure to mention this when booking a restaurant or a bar, so that there are no surprises. If booking a beach house, let the owner know that it’s going to be a huge party of people, and double-check the policy with them. Many are not willing to host wild crowds of people.

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Strippers! No pre-wedding party would be complete without the girls. Checking with the groom would be a good idea though since he and the future bride might object. If everyone’s on board with the idea, there is a lot to choose from. Ladies are not only beautiful, but very creative too – namely, sexy wake-up calls, strip in the limo, surprise stripping, or rent a yacht, or a boat and take the girls out for a ride, weather permitting of course. In any case, you can’t go wrong with hiring ladies to show you around town and make some exciting memories.

As far as activities, you can always go with the classic paintball and go-karts stints, or you can choose to spice it up a bit and go shooting AK47s, bungee jumping or stunt driving race cars in the closed circuit. This part of the trip you can discuss with a stag, or make it a surprise stunt.

Don’t forget the details

Small things, like airport transfer, can be easy to oversee. Before embarking on the plane, double-check if everyone has their valid passports and visas if needed, verify the check-in and check-out hours, call the restaurant to see if there is any dress code you’ll need to follow, and every other detail threatening to ruin your fun weekend. Pay attention to time zones, since this can royally mess up your schedule.

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Take charge

Organizing a trip for large groups is a challenge, particularly when you’re dealing with a bunch of guys with a high testosterone level. Minor disputes are to be expected in these circumstances. Since you took upon yourself to plan the whole trip, you also need to take a firm stand when it comes to decision making. Not everyone is going to like the choices they’re presented with, but you must take the lead and keep everyone involved and happy.

And the most important of all – don’t forget to have fun!