Planning Your Halifax Trip: 2024 Travel Guide

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As the capital of Nova Scotia, Halifax is home to a plethora of natural attractions, including parks and public gardens. You will get dazzled with its visually spectacular geographical setting and modern architecture when you step your feet in the city.

It has a vibrant nightlife, fantastic festival scenes, and it’s rich in history. It can make a great destination for your trip if you love history. When planning your trip to Halifax, you need to have an idea of what you’ll experience in the city.

Reasons Why People Visit Halifax

It is no secret that this city is one of the most attractive cities in Canada. Many people visit the city with different objectives. Some of the reasons for visiting the city are to:

  • Learn the history of Halifax by visiting museums
  • Enjoy the ocean-side lifestyle by going to beaches
  • Engage in outdoor activities such as hiking and cycling
  • Experience the city’s pub-life as it has breweries and many pubs
  • Enjoy the city’s thriving food culture in its multiple seafood restaurants

A Must-Visit Places in Halifax

While many people travel to this city due to many reasons, there are some stunning places that any Halifax visitor should never miss. Some of these attractions include:

1. Explore the Halifax Citadel

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The Halifax Citadel is a national historic site initially built for Britain’s military fortification. Today, this star-shaped fort is one of the most visited attractions in Halifax. You can step back in time and figure out how the soldiers defended the fort from attackers.

If you visit this city, you’ll get the chance to see some of the guns used back in time, such as the Snider-Enfield rifle. You can even get dressed in a military uniform and feel like a soldier. Also, you can have a spectacular view of the harbor outside of the fort’s top.

2. Visit the Halifax Public Gardens

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If you love nature, the Halifax Public Gardens would be the best place to spend your afternoon during sunny days. The gardens are full of shrubs, trees, and flowers that create beautiful scenery. It has a variety of impressive plant selections.

Enclosed with wrought-iron fencing, the gardens have beautiful statues, ponds, bridges, and memorial flower beds. You can stroll through the gardens and experience the fun you have never had anywhere on earth.

3. Explore the Art Gallery of Halifax

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It is one of the most visited attractions in Canada. You can find Canada’s largest artwork collection in this art gallery. It boats the work of the famous local artists such as Maud Lewis and Alex Colville.

Housed in two popular heritage buildings, the Art gallery of Halifax has more than 17,000 artworks. These artworks include paintings, stone carvings, and wood carvings. Most of these art collections are made in Nova Scotia while a few get imported.

4. Visit the Halifax Waterfront

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Thousands of tourists flock the Halifax waterfront every year to experience its attractions. You’ll find stunning exhibitions of the region’s history when you visit the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic or the Canadian Museum of Immigration.

Halifax Waterfront is home to some of Canada’s best galleries. Besides, most restaurants and pubs at the waterfront face the ocean to provide a spectacular view of the waters.

5. Have Fun at Peggy’s Cove Lighthouse

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The iconic Peggy’s Cove Lighthouse is one of the most visited attractions in Nova Scotia. This attractive lighthouse, painted in red and white, is at the coastline of a small fishing community which welcomes every visitor exploring their shores.

Cost of Moving around Halifax

As you plan your trip to Halifax, it’s essential to budget for all the expenses you’ll incur in the foreign land. You need to find out the costs of local transportation and accommodation in Canadian Dollars. You should convert your currency to CAD for accurate budgeting.

Before leaving your home country, you can buy the Canadian currency in preparation for the trip. Alternatively, you can wait until you arrive at Halifax and get the CAD from a reputable company, like Knightsbridge FX, in the currency exchange Halifax market.

According to When you arrive at the Halifax Stanfield International Airport, you’ll need around CA$3.5 to move from the airport to the city center using the city bus service. All taxis charge a flat rate of CA$63 from the airport to downtown.

To move within Halifax City, you will pay at least CA$3.20 for a Yellow-Cab taxi. You can also rent a car at CA$25 per day or use public transportation which costs around CA$20 per 10-ticket pass. A single public transport ticket costs around CA$1.84.

Final Words

When planning for a trip to Halifax, you should budget for all the travel costs you’ll incur. However, most of these costs usually vary and may change with time. Ensure that you prepare a budget that’s relative to the costs you will incur at the time of travel. You also need to set apart funds for unforeseen expenses that might arise during the trip.