5 Tips on Working With a Podcast Booking Agency

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Appearing as a guest on podcasts is a great opportunity to talk to your target audience. Whether you are interested in conveying a strong message to them or selling your product, you will need much less effort in this format compared to others. However, it is not so easy to get into relevant podcasts. It takes a lot of hard work to build a base of loyal listeners, which means that it is the most difficult to book a guest appearance.

The hosts can be very demanding, because they will not allow everyone to participate in their show. They will allow it only to those who they think will be of interest to their audience. This is why podcast booking agencies are so popular. It will help you find a great podcast to host. If you’ve been given the opportunity to speak on a podcast, there are a few things to keep in mind. It is assumed that you find out in advance as much information as possible about the podcast in which you will be a guest, potential interlocutors and topics. Continue reading for a few more useful tips.

1. Identify your niche

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Before you take any next step, it is important to identify your audience. So, research your audience to know who should hear your message and all the content you have designed. If you want to increase the audience in the show, you need to identify people who listen to similar podcasts. Based on that, you and the agency will be able to find the ideal ways to create content for the podcast.

To help you get this information as soon as possible, we’ve singled out a few major listener sources. For example, this is another podcast that your current audience is listening to. They can also be podcasts that interview people who are your potential fans. However, if you are a partner with a podcast booking agency they will do it for you. However, remember that this is the first step in forming a loyal listener. Check this to further improve your knowledge and then it will be even easier for you to choose right podcast booking agency.

2. Discuss points of conversation with the agency

The next important item in cooperation with the agency is the development of a point of conversation. You should work on the main points of conversation together, and a good agency will know how to determine them. You need to determine what you are most skilled at if you want to become more popular in your professional niche. It is important to know which message you want to send to the audience, but the details of that message are equally important. Our advice is to develop a maximum of 5 points for conversation, but to know absolutely everything about them. If you’re not sure what topics you could talk about, ask the podcast host to help you identify topics.

We’re sure you’ll come up with great topics if you ask yourself a few questions about your profession and the industry you belong to. For example, consider your belief in the industry. Also ask yourself if it is necessary to make any changes to it and who could do it, as well as how it should be done.

3. Choose a topic

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There is no magic formula for making podcasts that will attract a lot of attention and audience. Choose the topic that interests you the most and that you like to talk about. It is important that you find it extremely interesting while preparing your podcast. If you choose a topic that you like, it will not be difficult for you to research it further and discuss it. When it comes to the format of the podcast itself, it can be an interview, a monologue or multiple presenters – two or more hosts / presenters cover a specific topic.

A narrative that is similar to a monologue, but focuses on a specific story, is also possible, as well as the mix – the format can vary from episode to episode. Invest more in preparation time. Of course, you can always just tell whatever’s on your mind, but a good podcast requires a lot of time spent researching, learning, and preparing.

4. How to choose a podcast booking agency

We must note that you do not have to use the services of this agency exclusively when creating your content. You can also collaborate with an existing podcast which means you will use two options at the same time. However, when choosing a podcast booking agency you need to consider the following few factors.

Focus on the type of content they produce, their work experience, services, price, and types of restrictions. Before agreeing to work together, ask what conditions you must meet. Ask the agency if you should know anything else from them before you agree to cooperate. After considering these factors, consider which type of agency best suits your needs and goals.

5. Edit your social profiles

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Since social profiles say a lot about you today, you should talk to your agency about them. One of the most common reasons why they reject your hosting is precisely because of poorly edited or non-existent social media profiles. So, try to increase the number of followers, improve the content and be as active as possible on your profile.


This show format is becoming increasingly popular in the world of marketing and advertising, as well as many other business sectors. Only in the last few years, there has been a complete explosion of podcast agencies that specialize in this type of service. However, it is very difficult for some people to find a good enough agency.

Since there are different types of agencies and the competition is great, you should research as much as possible about them. Lastly, don’t forget that the podcast is mostly listened to while driving and while people are doing some other work – so try to be clear and precise. Podcast hosts love such a guest and often invite them to new episodes.