After their funky debut ‘Farewell Letter’, Prehistoric Pilot returns with the hard-hitting ‘When The Souls Gone’

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Recorded in five days in late February 2024, Prehistoric Pilot’s debut EP ‘Good Morning Machine’ sets the band’s tone for what’s to come in the future. Their sophomore single ‘When The Souls Gone’ is out on July 18 on all major streaming platforms.

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In late 2019 a band from Southern Germany took off into outer space. The four crew members Danny Grease (lead vocals), Mito Mars (guitar, vocals), Pete Lee (bass, vocals) and Felix Lang (drums) made it their mission to break the sonic boundaries and redefine our musical galaxy.

As their band name suggests, Prehistoric Pilot takes the established rock sound of the past 30 years and blends it with every new discovery along their genre-breaking journey. The outcome is a new sound that combines guitar riffs similar to The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Incubus and Classic Rock, psychedelic bass textures influenced by Tool, Karnivool and Post-Rock and pulsating, steady drum grooves to an overall early 2000’s rock vibe.

This lays the foundation for soulful vocal performaces withg meaningful lyrics that paint an introspective picture of a person who deals with anxiety, depression and dissociative feelings but always believes in a positive outlook and the possibility to defeat your demons. Although the lyrics can be pinned down as sad and melancholic, they should light a spark of hope for those who are suffering and show them that a happy end is always possible.

In the era of digitalization the music industry seems to be constantly changing. Therefore Prehistoric Pilot want to adapt to the new ways of music distribution. Instead of doing an album cycle, the quartet’s focus will be on singles. A new song will be up on their Spotify page at monthly intervals. After half a year there will be an EP available with all six previous singles plus some bonus material like acoustic versions, interviews or remixes.

The first cycle started with the band’s debut single ‘Farewell Letter’ was released in early July 2024. Dominated by funky guitar parts and R&B influenced vocals, it’s an easy listen and a good start for the listener to be taken into more profound sonic territories.

Their second release ‘When The Souls Gone’ is a total turning point and won’t begin where the previous track ended. The song starts off with all instruments playing and creating a wall of sound. While the guitars playing a riff that resembles a shoegaze sound, the rhythm section solidifies the groove with a typical early 2000’s alternative rock vibe. With a smooth transition the verse features a slap bass and psychedelic guitar arrangements which is paused immediately by the dissonant yet melodic sounding chorus. One of the highlights of the song is the guitar solo right before the last chorus.

What will the future hold for this band? While there are four more songs for this song cycle, the band already works on new ideas and eagerly looks forward for the next year. All four members are optimistic that live shows will be possible soon so that they can perform their songs live for the first time. Until then they just continue to explore the musical galaxy!

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