How Long Should You Prepare Before Moving Long Distance?


There is a difference between local move and long-distance move. You need to take many more steps for better results. This includes spending more time, money and other resources. You need to take the whole thing much more seriously. You can’t do everything yourself, so seek professional help. Consider hiring a portable moving and storage pod. You have many options when preparing to move long distances, but they depend on the amount of items you carry with you, your budget and personal preferences. However, every move means a good plan and deadlines.

When should I start planning a move?


As soon as you find out you are moving, start creating a relocation plan. It is best to do this a year or at least a few months in advance. Don’t forget the distance from point A to point B. This involves a lot more work than a classic move that involves a short distance. When it comes to such a complicated task, you can’t do anything without a good plan.

Make sure you write down each task involved in the process. Whether you’re using an organization app, a spreadsheet, or something else, do it as soon as possible. A large number of tasks await you, which is why it is wise to make a checklist. It will help you go through each phase of planning without major problems.

Take complete control over the preparation time, because only then will you be able to perfectly organize the move at a great distance. Good time management is your main advantage. Mark the days off that separate you until you leave and start work. The checklist should include preparatory phases. Create a calendar with personalized tasks related to specific relocation circumstances. Sort tasks by their importance. Remember that perspective is everything.

Why is it important to start planning earlier?

If you start earlier with your plans, you will have enough time to complete all the tasks. However, this is not just about sorting items, marking boxes, etc. People who plan to relocate usually hire a company to help them do so. We spoke with the experts behind, who are experienced movers los angeles to san francisco, and found out that tru professionals are busy all year round, especially during the moving season.

That’s why you need to contact them as soon as possible in order to make an appointment. It is most difficult to get services during the season, as well as during the weekend. Keep in mind that these dates will cost you more than on other days. If you are flexible on time and want to save, it is best to opt for working days.

What should a moving plan look like?


In order for your plan to allow you to do everything you want, make sure it contains as much detail as possible. So, list the smaller and larger tasks for each date before moving. Also note the tasks that need to be done on the day of moving. Divide your plan into smaller segments and make as many as possible. Of course, you need to set a time for each segment separately. Keep track of your progress and revise the plan if necessary.

What work tasks are involved in moving?

This is not just about procuring materials, sorting moving items, etc. Planning includes several other important items. It is important to know where you are going as early as possible. This refers to the characteristics of your future home. For example, if it is located in the city and you plan to live in the attic, we are sure that you will need much less furniture for the room. So think about what you really need from the furniture, and what will just make a mess of you.

Make the guidelines available to you in space, lifestyle and time. Find out about other things about your children or pet. So, check all the facilities that are near you. Collect all relevant information about schools, vehicle laws, insurance, housing regulations, etc.
What does the organization of furniture look like?

So, it is not easy to decide what to take with you if you move from a large space to a smaller one. Even without that, it is difficult to sort things out and move your whole life to a new environment. However, it is necessary to do this and therefore do it properly. It is best to develop the system and stay committed to it. This means that you will divide the items into several categories.

That way, you will keep some things, give them away, sell them or throw them in the trash. If you are doing this yourself, it is advisable to seek help from professionals who work in a moving company. They pack items around the room, because that way the whole process goes smoothly and quickly.

This makes it much easier to sort items. For example, you will separate all the boxes that contain kitchen items to one side. If you mark each box correctly, you will find the desired item in just a few minutes. You can always apply one year correctly. Consider how often you use certain items. If there are items among them that you barely use or just collect dust, donate them to someone who will really use them. Such items are mostly gifts that you do not want to throw away because you received them from dear people, but if you have too much, you have to get rid of them.



Those who plan to bring a lot of sensitive and expensive items with them, almost always hire a company. The reason is their expertise in packing and carrying items. It is especially important how you pack them when it comes to long distances. This means that you will have to put a lot more effort into the whole process. However, experts will be able to pack all fragile items together in a short time and safely transfer them to a new location.


In order to be able to do all the work, have a schedule and stick to it. If you make a list of priorities, a detailed plan with work tasks and deadlines, you will succeed. While there is a way to do everything on time, you can’t do it alone. You need help.