How to Promote a Tiktok Page in 2024? 


If you have just caught a fever about TikTok and realized that you haven’t joined this platform yet you should have done it way earlier, we have some good news for you. Today it is going to be way easier to figure out the promotion process, as the sphere of online promotion has developed dramatically and now all the methods and tools for quicker and better promo are well-known and you can use them to increase the chances of succeeding in a very short period of time.

Let’s first list these tools in general. So, you can either use free hacks (commenting, filming replies and trends) and paid options – an opportunity to buy TikTok followers, a PR from bigger bloggers. You can conclude that there are not much of the tools, yet online you can meet way more of those. What’s the case? You see, not everything that people recommend online will work, especially, keeping in mind the fact that TikTok is still a pretty random platform that changes algorithms as often as possible to make the recommendations better and to lower the possibility of getting popular out of nothing. Today you really have to put in some effort and thought to reach success, yet the tools and hacks that we have listed above can make your life a lot easier.

What to start with if you have just created your page?


If you have an empty page, it is not the right time to mind promotion in general. First you have to make sure that there is enough information about you on the page and that anybody who visits your profile can easily figure out what you and your creations are about. For that fill in the bio, think of a catchy username and a memorable line in the header.

You should also take a chance to add every link that you can (in different countries there are different offers for that field) and think on the order and the color scheme that is going to assemble all of your videos in a wholesome looking feed. You might say that this tip is more useful for IG, but that is not quite true, actually. A special color scheme and a regimen of processing videos in a certain way might become your image that is going to make your page out-stand from the row of lookalike pages.

What do you do next?


When the profile looks nice, you can proceed to working on your page’s development and growth. The first things to do are the free hacks, because you don’t have to spend money on them and you can apply them whenever you’re ready. However, make sure that you’re doing everything right and are ready to spend time online. Any free hack takes time and effort today, you can’t reach success without it.

You can film replies on your own and TikToks of other people; it attracts more attention and leads to your videos being shown more frequently than if you wouldn’t do that. Moreover, you can attentively follow the trends and film almost each one of those at the beginning of your career on this platform. It will also help you with figuring out the audience that watches you and further adapt your content to the people who are here for your clips.

You can also comment on the pages of other TikTokers for free and interact with their audience, hoping to get some attention back and motivate them to go and watch something that you have. Though we have to warn you that this method is not working as greatly as the paid services and takes lots of time and effort from the side of the owner of the page. So, if you’re here for better and quicker results, you should definitely pay all of your attention to the following paragraph.

What to do if you need quicker results?


Things are pretty obvious: you should turn to help from the third party services. For example, you can easily buy real TikTok followers for your page and cover your needs. If you decide to use such services, you should keep in mind that you have to check the quality first: the only service that is going to help you is the one that provides exclusively real subscribers. All the other options are unnecessary and can harm your page. So keep that in mind if you’re planning to get decent results – take some time to search for a decent resource and don’t settle for the bots or fakes as subs, it is going to harshly affect your page’s stats.


The paid followers are not the only option that you can use – there is also influence marketing available; you can offer the video makers that have approximately the same number of subs as you do to cooperate for free, or you can come to the bloggers that have a bigger audience and ask for paid PR. We cannot say which option hits better, however, it is worth saying that you can do both things at the same time without putting in too much effort – one video clip for them to demonstrate would be just enough.

Use free services, use paid services, try to combine all the tips and hacks you know. The main thing is that you should never doubt to invest a dollar into your account if you want to win a competition amongst all the other bloggers. You should not think that paid services are going to be a complementary part of your TikTok life all the time – such services are great when you need sudden support, a boost, something that is going to help you to come on the next level of popularity and success. However, you shouldn’t forget about the fact that after you have used such an option you should be able to provide yourself with a constant growth in the followers’ and views count.

By the way, if you’re having prolonged difficulties, consider purchasing a subscription that is going to provide you with subs and views during a certain period of time: once a week or once a month, for example. It’s convenient and takes away the need to always keep the need of a new package in mind.