5 Tips and Tricks for Using Casino Bonuses to Make Profit

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One of the easiest and cheapest ways to earn on online gaming platforms is through bonus points. Most websites give their new and existing users enough points to have fun on the site freely. While these points have been of no use to you before now, we’d help change your perspective on how to win with them.

Have you ever wondered what strategies to use for winning when gaming with your gift points? Would you like to take your internet gaming hobby to the next level?

Read along as we share pro tips from our experts on the easiest ways to win more cashouts from gift points. In this article, we’d highlight practical tips professionals use to utilize their bonuses. Let’s get started!

1. Welcome Bonus

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Most gaming sites offer enticing promotions to keep their users happy and maintain their trust. One of the fastest ways of extra cash at online casinos is utilizing first-time packages. Some platforms give new users up to a 150% match-bonus of their initial deposit when they come on board. Others gift first-time players other incentives without depositing on the site.

You can start making money online when you utilize the welcome bonus percentage correctly. One of the tricks professional gamers use is to classify their plays.

As a new player, never be too quick to exhaust your free spin percentages on one round of play. It can be extremely tempting to exhaust 200 free-spins at a go because it is free. Get smart with your welcome percentages if you intend to make money without making deposits. Treat your welcome gifts as points gotten with your real cash; you’d be making a profit in no time.

Pro-tip: Allocate percentages of your welcome packages to different games and rounds on the website. This would enable you to familiarize yourself with the games and build profitable strategies with your welcome points.

2. No Deposit Bonus

Most casinos offer no deposit bonuses to existing and first-time players on the platform. Every no deposit bonus casino uses these gambling bonuses to attract unsatisfied users. Often, gamers exhaust their welcome packages without making money or a deposit quality for this offer. Casinos with these bonus offers give them more gaming points for free.

Before getting hyped about no-deposit packages, ensure you understand the bonus wagering requirements. Online casino bonuses, including welcome packages, often come with clauses that restrict you from making a withdrawal. Before we elaborate further, check out casinotop.co.nz for some of the high-paying 200% welcome bonus sites in New Zealand. By gaming at a site that gifts 200% welcome points, you get to make money without losing.

At this point, you should have a few tricks up your sleeves to win a jackpot at any of the slot machines. Every casino offers free bonuses as a marketing strategy, but you can turn the tables around to your favor. Online casino bonuses are only worth it when you make money off them.

Pro-tip: Use the points on low-reward games to build more gaming power for high-paying gaming options.

3. Free Spins

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If you love slot selections, you should find the idea behind free-spin bonuses enticing. These promotional casino offers allow you to play as many times as you wish using bonus money. May we also highlight that the more you spin, the higher your chances of winning are. With the free-spin bonus, you can start playing casino games on any slot.

If you play online slots, you’d know that most games are completely computerized without a hackable pattern. Going for a low variance option would help reduce your chances of making random guesses.

Be careful to read the wager requirements of every free-spin package you find on a gaming platform. Every wagering requirement states how much minimum deposit you must make to withdraw any fraction of your winnings. Casinos have clauses that restrict users from withdrawing excessively without depositing wagering requirement on the site.

Pro-tip: Target low or medium variance slots. These games come with a low-house edge that gives you more winning edge over the machine.

4. Loyalty Program

Every casino offers loyalty benefits to returning gamers that often game on the site. These benefits often go to high rollers that deposit a huge amount of funds per time. These players only come to casinos for fun, just like they would have walked into any brick-and-mortar place a few decades ago. It was done simply to have some of the best moments of their lives.

As you remain a loyal gamer on a gaming platform, the casino offers additional gaming points and features to your profile. These are added benefits that single you out from other casual gamers on the loyalty program. Most of them aren’t as rewarding or lucrative as VIP offers, but they help you get the job done. Making a lot of money from bonuses online!

Every casino offers exciting and entertaining loyalty benefits to its customers. You could get as high as 250% match-bonus points and 500 free-spin gifts on a loyalty program. As expected, these benefits have shortened duration before they expire. Nonetheless, they’d last long enough to enable you to utilize them wisely for even bigger cashouts.

Pro-tip: Capitalize on the tournaments and VIP reward points. Use them on games with higher odds for more chances to cashout big.

5. Reload Bonuses

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Reload bonuses require you to make continuous deposits after your first payment on the website. Every New Zealand casino offers return points to users that make recurring payments on the platform. With these gaming points, you should be able to actualize your gaming strategies to increase your opportunities of hitting a Jackpot.

Most bonuses online come with restrictive clauses, including reload-bonus. It is common for a casino to demand that you exhaust your paid points before making winnings off your reload-bonus points. This bonus feature only becomes favorable to gamers that already have existing strategies they’ve tried out over time. It gives them an extra edge in winning games.

Pro-tip: With reload points, you can build more gaming power to take advantage of higher gaming odds, especially on live-dealer-games.


You can make a lot from promotions and bonuses. These packages are often taken for granted, especially when offered at the point of registration. Newcomers see them as an opportunity to test-run the gaming options on the site. While at it, they exhaust a huge sum without winning any round, let alone making a withdrawal. Casinos have succeeded in making profit easier with the best bonus points.

The above-listed hacks and hints would guide you on how to make an extra income from utilizing casino bonuses.  Learn to cut your losses and capitalize more on the bonus points you have every time. Compartmentalize your rounds and plan to win in bits. With all these, you should be looking at hitting one of the highest jackpots in this industry.