How Many Questions are on the Australian Citizenship Test 2024?

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Making a decision to move to some entirely new area is not easy, especially if that next stop of your life is far away. Of course, before making any important decision in life, planning and doing research is a must. It is the only way to be as certain as possible that you are making the right choice and, since moving and starting a life some place new is a pretty significant decision, detailed preparation and doing homework are needed.

Also, it is highly advised to visit and explore that new city and country for some period, as by doing so, you will get a much better insight into what to expect once you move. Furthermore, it’s also important to learn more about the law and all the rules and regulations of the country in which you want to move. All of that is even more important for people who are looking not just to visit and stay there for a while but move permanently and apply for citizenship.

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Perks of having dual citizenship

Let’s first clear some things, as applying for citizenship of some country doesn’t mean that you disown the country you are born in, far from it as there are dual citizenships made precisely for these purposes. Above that, having a green card and other proper documentation of the country in which one works and lives also comes with many benefits, and it makes going to regular medical checkups cheap or even entirely free if you live in Australia, but that’s just one perk of having Australian citizenship, for example.

Of course, one can apply for citizenship just because they fell in love with the country and want to pay a tribute by having their passport as well. All these things are just some of the reasons why one would want to apply for citizenship of some other country, and in this case, Australia, but actually getting that citizenship is not that easy.

Applying for citizenship in Australia

As you are probably already aware, this can also take some time, as the time needed for DHA (Department of Home Affairs) of Australia to reach a decision regarding your application can vary, but it usually takes them around 12 months to do so. Now, this waiting period is neither the longest nor shortest, but one should keep in mind that once they apply for Australian citizenship, they must not leave the country until everything is finalized.

In case they need to leave the country, they need to report to the DHA of their return date so that they can continue processing their application. Yes, this may sound complicated, but it is worth it, as, at least, there will be no more dull waiting period when applying for an Australian visa every time you want to go to this picturesque country. Okay, we have gone through some basic info that one simply needs to know about the whole process, but what about the test itself? How difficult it actually is, and how many questions are there?

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Before the test

It is crucial to mention that an interview needs to be done before the test, and it is done because of two reasons. The first reason is to prove the identity of the person who wants to take the test, and the second one is to check if the person is suitable for citizenship or not.

Proving the identity is easy, and all you need is a valid ID or some other document that contains the photo, but checking the eligibility to sit the test is a little more complicated. To fulfill this requirement, you need to be a permanent resident of Australia for a year, not being absent for more than a year, and more than three months in the last year before the application. Besides that, you also need to have between 18 and 59 years in the moment of applying.

The exam

When it comes to the exam itself, it contains 20 questions with multiple answers, and they are about various topics. Some of them are about Australia and its people, such as the history of natives and the modern history of migrants, but they can also contain some questions about the English colonization. You will also have some questions related to Australian law, where it is necessary to understand the government and the main processes of various laws.

The values of the country are another important group of questions, and here you need to be prepared to answer some of them related to democratic beliefs and rights that every person has. Besides that, you can expect some questions about the tradition and national symbols such as the flag, national anthem, but also national flower, animal, tree or bird.

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Passing the test

After knowing the number of questions and what they are about, you are probably interested in what you need to do to pass the test. First of all, it is crucial to give an answer to all 20 questions, so make sure to check twice that you did not skip some of them.

There are five questions related to national values, and it is necessary to answer them correctly. The last condition is to have 75% or more of the correct answers, and you will pass the exam. Of course, in order to do so, it is necessary to have at least basic knowledge of the English language, or you will not be able to answer the questions correctly.

Final thoughts

Passing the exam and getting Australian citizenship is not easy, but it is neither too complicated for those who are well prepared. Because of that, it is important to take it seriously and study for it like for any other exam.

For those who are not sure are they ready to take the test or need some additional information and help with the preparation, visiting this website can be pretty useful. It is a great way to check our knowledge and find out more about the exam and the whole procedure of getting Australian citizenship.